The Bonnie In Astoria

Astoria is an up-and-coming neighborhood in the NYC borough, Queens. As the neighboring district, Long Island City continues to evolve, more people are looking to Astoria as a place to stay. A lot of restaurants and shops are quickly opening up. One spot that we heard about is the restaurant, The Bonnie in Astoria which is located on the very last stop of the N R line, Astoria Ditmars Blvd. We went there for dinner one night to check it out.

A Popular Spot for Millenials in Astoria

The bar inside the bonnie

The Bonnie stands out right away. Right now, it’s right on 23rd Ave and 31st Street in Astoria and the exterior has a nice shade of blue. During warmer weather, people usually enjoy sitting outside. We’ve walked by it on the weekends during brunch, and it’s pretty busy. However, we went for dinner on a weekday, where it was somewhat quieter. The restaurant is small, but we did get a seat right away since there were only two of us. There were people at the bar as well. It has a very rustic feel to it. It’s an atmosphere that you’ll see a lot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Our Meal at The Bonnie in Astoria

They take your popular bar food and take it to the next level. For our dinner, we had their steak entree which was served with french fries and a salad. We also had their fish tacos which were probably the highlight of our meal. Overall it was definitely a great meal. We’d love to come back and check out their brunch menu. For more information, please visit their website here.

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