The 25 Best Shoe Stores in NYC

Because New Yorkers do so much walking, NYC is full of stores with durable, comfortable, and high-quality shoes. Whether you are searching for a comfy pair of sneakers, a sturdy pair of boots, or stilettos for your next event, New York City shoe stores abound with whatever you need.

With so many stores to choose from, it might be tough to decide exactly where to buy shoes. Luckily, we’ve created this article to help you with shoe shopping in the Big Apple. Keep reading to discover our top picks for the best shoe stores in NYC.

Our Favourite Shoe Stores in NYC

  1. converse_new_york

    01 Converse

    If you like sneakers, the Converse flagship store is a must-visit! This location has everything from classic Chuck Taylors to limited-edition designs. In fact, this store was created to display the most extensive collection of limited-edition collaborations and in-season styles. Plus, there are interactive displays and opportunities for customization throughout the flagship store, allowing you to create your new favorite pair of converse.

    This flagship store was designed with creativity in mind – it’s full of bright colors and fun patterns that will make you feel like you’re walking into a piece of art. In addition, you’ll be able to find exclusive products at this location, including one-of-a-kind collaborations with artists and designers.

    Not only do they have great product offerings, but they also have a fantastic customer service team that can help you find whatever it is you might be looking for in your next pair of shoes. If you’re a sneaker lover, you’ll definitely want to check out this flagship store!

  2. Shoes_170423115755020-6

    02 & Other Stories

    Owned by the H&M Group, & Other Stories is headquartered in Stockholm, but has three locations in New York City: one on 5th Avenue, Broadway, and Greenwich Street. This store offers a diverse array of women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, and lingerie. This brand was founded in 2010 when a small group of creatives was inspired to develop a brand that could offer women more freedom of expression. Created as a one-stop styling destination, this brand is filled with collections from designers in Paris, Los Angeles, and Stockholm.

  3. Shoes_170423115755020-10

    03 Allbirds

    Known for its sustainability practices, Allbirds ensures lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing processes and creates shoes made from natural materials, like wool and eucalyptus. Online, this store offers a marketplace to resell lightly worn and used products, reducing their footprint on the environment. Allbirds sneakers are durable, lightweight, and comfortable, so you can’t go wrong buying footwear from this brand. The Allbirds NYC location, at a massive 4,800 square feet, is in Soho on Spring Street.

  4. 220926171744001_Best_Show_Store_NYC_Asics

    04 Asics

    ASICS is the leading shoe brand for all athletes. The brand has been around since 1949 and stands for excellent quality.

  5. Shoes_170423115755020-3

    05 Brooklyn Running Company

    Living up to its name, the Brooklyn Running Company has two Brooklyn locations, one in Park Slope and the other in Williamsburg, specializing in running shoes for men and women. This store also sells socks, products that prevent running injury, and running accessories. The exposed brick within the store creates a trendy environment, and you can also find plenty of name-brand apparel, footwear, and some niche offerings.

  6. Shoes

    06 Capezio Flagship Store

    This famous shoe company is known as a theatrical retailer that supplies high-quality products to dancers. The Capezio company specializes in dancewear such as shoes, apparel, and accessories, providing everything you need to perform at your best, whether you’re a beginner dance student or a part of famous products like the Rockettes. 

    The flagship location is located right smack dab in the middle of Times Square at 1650 Broadway! It’s easily accessible from all over Manhattan via public transportation or taxi. This NYC flagship store features an open layout with modern fixtures and bright lighting, displaying dancewear in all sizes and colors. You’ll find all of your favorite Capezio products here, as well as exclusive collections that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

  7. 220926163139001_Christian_Louboutin_Shoe_Store_NYC

    07 Christian Louboutin

    As one of the world’s most famous shoe designers, Christian Louboutin is best known for the iconic red soles of his designs. This brand provides shoes of all kinds, along with bags and accessories for both men and women. While this footwear can be pricey, many people will gladly pay high-dollar for this high-quality, emblematic footwear. You can find Christian Louboutin’s locations on Washington Street, Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Horatio Street, and West 57th Street.

  8. DSW_Designer_Shoe_Warehouse_shoe_stores_in_nyc_200122105118004_scaled

    08 DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

    One could argue that DSW is the best retailer for finding good shoes at reasonable prices. Many shoppers adore going there to find the best designer shoes at discount prices.

    However, this store is the best option for you if you enjoy browsing a variety of shoes. As loyal customers, they will give you a gift card if you consistently make purchases from them.

    What you should Know About DSW:

    • They sell quality athletic footwear and accessories at very affordable prices
    • DSW gives gift cards to their good customers
    • They also sell branded and designer wears
  9. Schuhe_170423115755020

    09 Extra Butter

    Built on the concepts of film, fashion, and culture, Extra Butter has two locations, one on the Lower East Side and a newer location in Queens. Established in 2007, this progressive boutique and lifestyle brand sells an assortment of shoes and apparel for both men and women, specializing in sneakers, streetwear, and acccessories. While you’re here, you’ll notice that this boutique is minimalist, yet quirky, selling concessions as if their customers were really going to the movies.

  10. Shoes

    10 Fleet Feet - New York Running Company powered by JackRabbit

    For all of the runners who are out there, JackRabbit is the running store in NYC to check out. If you came to the city to participate in any of the numerous races throughout the year, especially the New York City Marathon, the staff at JackRabbit are highly-trained and knowledgeable. You can also check out the New York Running Company which is powered by JackRabbit. That’s located in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle.

  11. Shoes

    11 Flight Club

    This is for all the sneakerheads. Flight Club is the go-to spot when it comes to the sneaker culture in NYC. Flight Club is the place where you’ll find rare pieces or drops that get sell-out fast and we mean really fast. What makes them so popular? You can both buy or sell your sneakers. They just have to pretty much be in mint condition. You can potentially make a pretty penny here too.

  12. Shoes_170423115755020-2

    12 Galeria Melissa

    Located in Soho, Galeria Melissa was founded in Brazil in 1979. This brand produces trendy styles and funky designs, like their iconic Jelly Shoes. Galleria Melissa’s NYC store atmosphere is just as impressive as its footwear. The shop is a perfect blend of a retail boutique mixed with an art gallery. This aesthetic concept is an extension of this brand’s stores in London and Sao Paolo, which both support local art within their communities. Art exhibits rotate seasonally at this store in New York City, creating an ever-changing space within the classic Soho area.

  13. Shoes_170423115755020-9

    13 John Fluevog

    Nestled in the heart of Nolita, John Fluevog’s exterior is painted with every color of the rainbow, making it hard to miss. Described as “progressive and art deco,” John Fluevog’s shoe designs usually have messages engraved on the soles- a playful touch to this already vibrant brand. The designer, John Fluevog himself, is based in Vancouver, Canada, where all of his shoes are still designed. He began his store in Canada in 1970 and eventually expanded to the United States, Europe, and Australia.

  14. Kith_Shopping_NOHO_Things_to_do_in_NoHo_190917183928028

    14 Kith

    KITH serves as both a multifunctional lifestyle brand and a progressive retail establishment. You can choose from two locations in New York: one in Soho and the other in Brooklyn. Established in 2011, both of KITH’s store spaces are trendy, creating a unique experience for customers. Four years after opening, the brand expanded to Kith Treats, made with the concept of an artisan cereal bar in mind. You can order ice cream or milkshakes with cereal mixed in; what more could you want while shoe shopping? In addition to cereal milkshakes, KITH also offers a wide array of men’s, women’s, and kid’s footwear, apparel, and accessories. There is something here for everyone!

  15. Shoes_170423115755020-1

    15 Mephisto

    Founded in 1963, Mephisto originated in France, and then distributed all over Europe. The founder’s mission was to create the world’s best shoes, and with over 660 stores in 62 countries today, you could say that the brand is doing an excellent job of this. Mephisto creates shoes of all kinds for both men and women, including sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, and boots. You can find two of this store’s locations on Madison Avenue and one on 3rd Avenue. 

  16. Shoes_170423115755020

    16 MooShoes

    A two-minute walk from the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, this small boutique offers stylish, non-leather shoes, bags, and wallets. MooShoes, a vegan-owned business, is committed to creating cruelty-free clothing and accessories, so this is a perfect option for those trying to live more sustainably. The store has also made a home for several rescued cats adopted from several local organizations. At MooShoes, you can get a great pair of kicks while supporting a business that gives back to the community. 

  17. Shoes_170423115755020-4

    17 No. 6

    Nestled on a Little Italy side street, No. 6 sells European designs. Offering women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes, this store is best-known for its selection of clogs. Getting the right clog fit can be tricky, but the staff at No. 6 provide high-quality service, and won’t stop lending their expertise until you are satisfied with your purchase. The store’s selection is minimal, yet thoughtfully curated. For high-quality pieces and excellent customer service, this small boutique is sure to please.

  18. 220926172500002_Best_Sneaker_Stores_NYC

    18 Premium Goods

    Super trendy, partly also hard to find sneakers, you can find in Premium Goods.

  19. Shoes_170423115755020-5

    19 Shoe Market

    Shoe Market, a female-owned business, carries a wide selection of men’s and women’s footwear at every price point. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this small shoe store aims to sell shoes to all kinds of New Yorkers, from people on the streets to commuters on the train. Shoe Market provides durable footwear of all types, including sneakers, boots, heels, dress shoes, flats, and much more. You can find accessories here as well, like handbags and face masks.

  20. Steve_madden_170423115755020

    20 Steve Madden (Herald Square)

    In New York a superstar with a super label: Steve Madden. Shoes by Steve Madden are as special as New York is. For every outfit or occasion man or woman will find the right pair of shoes here. From $40 you can find them here. Individual and unique – this is what Steve Madden’s shoe collection stands for.

  21. Shoes_170423115755020

    21 Steve Madden on Broadway

    In New York a superstar with a super label: Steve Madden. Shoes by Steve Madden are as special as New York is. For every outfit or occasion, man or woman will find the right pair of shoes here. From $40 you can find them here. Individual and unique – this is what Steve Madden’s shoe collection stands for.

  22. Timberland_shoe_stores_in_nyc_200122105118002_scaled

    22 Timberland

    What’s New York City without Timberland. It’s pretty much an NYC symbol. New Yorkers love their “Timbs” and you should too. They’re rugged, they can pretty much withstand anything and the dirtier they get, the better they look. There are several stores in the city – the best is the one at the Empire State Building.

  23. 220926162756001_UGG_Boots_Shoe_Store_NYC

    23 UGG NYC Flagship Store

    UGGs are a must-have for anyone living in cold weather, and the UGG flagship store is the perfect place to find your new favorite pair. This location has everything from classic styles to seasonal designs, as well as exclusive products that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. This flagship store was designed with New Yorkers in mind – it’s full of all of the latest trends and styles direct from L.A.!

    You’ll be able to find whatever you might need at this flagship store, including boots, slippers, sandals, and more in this 13,000 square foot Fifth Avenue store. Plus, they have a wide variety of colors and sizes so that you can always find the perfect fit. To keep up with the trend of cozy everything, Ugg has released an additional line of bedspreads, comfy towels, clothing, and accessories.

    The inside resembles the calm and tranquility of a California lifestyle, with a huge window that looks out on the hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue. The flagship store also features various amenities to make your shopping experience even better – you’ll be able to browse merchandise in comfort using free Wi-Fi or charge your phone while sipping complimentary coffee! So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of UGGs or just want to browse around and see what’s new, make sure to check out this flagship store! You won’t be disappointed.

  24. vans_shoe_stores_in_nyc_200122105118005_scaled

    24 Vans Store

    Vans is a classic sneaker brand in the United States which was founded in Anaheim, California. With a huge following, Vans has become one of the most popular sneakers. There is an NYC Vans store on 34th Street, Fifth Ave, in the Meatpacking District and one in Williamsburg on N 6th. Street. You’ll see people of all ages wear this brand and it doesn’t hurt the wallet as well. They make great lifestyle shoes and are very convenient when roaming the streets of NYC.

  25. Shoes_170423115755020-8

    25 Varda Shoes

    Situated in the trendy Soho neighborhood, Varda Shoes is a high-end boutique offering handcrafted Italian leather boots, shoes, and sandals for men and women. Established in 1981, Varda was among the first shoe boutiques in downtown New York City, and has a minimalist, yet luxurious, atmosphere. With timeless designs, chic styles, and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why this top-notch shop has been a favorite for so long. 


What is the best sneaker store in NYC?

There are so many great places to buy sneakers in New York City, so it is hard to choose just one! If we had to narrow it down, Extra Butter, Fight Club, and KITH are all excellent places for sneakers in NYC.

Where are the best shoe stores in Soho?

Soho has several fantastic shoe stores. A few of our favorite Soho shoe stores include Galeria Melisa NY, John Fluevog, and Varda Shoes.

Where can I buy Uggs in NYC?

There are three UGG stores in New York City: one on Fifth Avenue, one in Soho, and another in the World Trade Center.

Is there a Crocs store in NYC?

Yes, there is a Crocs store in New York City. It is located at 152 West 34th Street.

What is the best men’s shoe store in NYC?

You can find men’s shoes in New York City at several top-notch places, including Allbirds, DSW, H&M, and MooShoes.

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