The 13 Best Bars on St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

St. Patrick’s Day in New York is upon us and the city is looking rather green. The atmosphere in the city around St. Patrick’s Day is exciting and festive. It’s something that locals and tourists should definitely experience. Celebrations usually start in the early afternoon and you party until late into the night.

Here, you will find our best bars on St. Patrick’s Day in NYC. We promise a very good party atmosphere. Happy St. Patrick’s Day (click here for our St. Patrick’s Day Guide)!

These are the best bars to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

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    Connolly's Pub & Restaurant

    Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    The bar Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant is an Irish pub like it is in the book and is for me one of the best pubs in New York. A huge, rustic bar, lots of colourful taps and tons of good whiskey immediately attract attention. The kitchen is also excellent. The burgers are a blast!

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    The Playwright Irish Pub

    Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    The pub has everything that a real Irish pub should have: a great long bar, sports broadcasts, a good selection of Irish whiskeys and delicious burgers. In short: a sensational bar.

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    The Red Lion

    Bar in Greenwich Village
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    If you are looking for a cosy pub in Greenwich Village, The Red Lion is your place to go! A pleasant, uncomplicated atmosphere and live music awaits you here. We were here for three relaxed hours and really enjoyed it!

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    McSorley's Old Ale House

    Bar in East Village
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    McSorley’s Old Ale House New York
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    McSorley’s Old Ale House is a true legend. The pub is the oldest in town (opened in 1854) and best of all, not much has changed since then. Old wooden floors covered with sawdust, old newspaper articles and a bartender like from a Hollywood movie make McSorley’s a very relaxed place.

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    The Perfect Pint

    Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    In front of the wooden facade of the Irish Pub’s The Perfect Pint hangs an oversized three-dimensional mockup of a filled pint. In the multi-storey pub you will find brick walls, bar stools partly made from old beer barrels and 40 draught beers. Perfect to enjoy the really good food. The Perfect Pint is available twice in Midtown, the East Side location even has a rooftop bar.

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    Bar in Financial District
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    The special thing about it is that it’s deeply rooted in the Financial District and closely linked to the 9/11 attacks. Due to the great impact of the collapse of the Twin Towers, all of the windows and much of the pub were destroyed. After 7 months of renovation, the bar in the Financial District reopened and became the focal point for the many workers. There are reminiscent photos, medals and other souvenirs of the firefighters who have saved so many people and of course, the victims of the attack.

    With excellent food and relatively cheap beers this is a highly recommended spot to take a break after walking through Lower Manhattan.

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    The Irish American Pub

    Bar in Financial District
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    The The Irish American Pub in direct neighbourhood of the 9/11 Memorial is a MUST DO for us, that’s how good it is. It is not without reason that we have been a regular here for years. What sets it apart? A wonderful uncomplicatedness, good drinks (they are really something), great prices and last but not least: probably the best chicken wings ever.

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    Molly's Pub

    Bar in Gramercy
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    The name sounds like a traditional Irish pub, right? That’s exactly what you get at Molly’s. If you did not know any better, you might think you were in the middle of Ireland. Around St. Patrick’s Day, it’s worth going to Molly’s Pub even more.

    It is only three blocks from Madison Square Park towards the East Village and one of our absolute favorite places. We have been fans of this pub for a long time, we have been coming here regularly since our first visits to New York. It is super-authentic and has everything you would expect from a real Irish Pub (including sawdust on the floor!).

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    Ryan’s Daughter

    Bar in Upper East Side
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    The bar is a typical Irish pub with fantastic service. Be sure to try the freshly tapped Guinness – potato chips are free! 

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    Jack Doyle's

    Bar in Garment District
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    We went to Jack Doyle’s before the New York Knicks game, because it is only two blocks from Madison Square Garden (and three blocks from the Empire State Building). If you are looking for a wonderful, normal pub with great burgers and nice people, there is hardly a way around them!

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    Scallywag's Irish Pub

    Bar in Hell's Kitchen
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    Bright red on the outside, Irish on the inside! Also Scallywag’s definitely belongs on our best list. It’s a classic pub as it is written in the book: nice and friendly bartenders, a good selection of beers and great bar food – and all this at a fair price. There’s a reason why locals love it!

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    P.J. Carney’s Pub

    Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    This pub was recommended to us by some locals when we asked about the best pub in the neighborhood. Just north of the Theatre District, you’ll find friendly staff, a great selection of beers, and the best fish and chips you’ve ever had in a pub! Simply a wonderful place to relax and have a beer!

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    Paddy Reilly’s

    Bar in Kips Bay
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    Here, you drink Guinness on tap. Do not even ask for a bottled beer. It’s pretty rustic but absolutely Irish. Every St. Patrick’s Day here is considered a great time. 

    The Paddy Reilly’s is a delightful, cozy Irish pub, with live music on most nights. You will love it being here because the atmosphere is very welcoming and relaxing.

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