The 15 Best Bagels in New York City

New York City is the home of the best bagels in the world – can you think of anything that is more representative of New York than a bagel and a delicious cup of coffee in the morning?

There are countless cafés, delis, and restaurants that offer bagels – but not all are recommendable. Where can you find the best bagel in New York City? I have discovered the best bagels in New York City for you and will tell you which ring-shaped, doughy concoctions you definitely have to try. After our bagel tour of the city we were able to decide on a winner, albeit with much difficulty. The bagel shops on this list are the collection of NYC’s finest!

The 15 best bagels in New York City: Our favorites list

15 Pick A Bagel (address: 1101 Lexington Avenue – read more here)

14 Dyker Park Bagels (address: 713 86th Street, Brooklyn – read more here)

13 Best Bagel & Coffee (address: 225 West 35th Street – read more here)

12 Zabar’s (address: 2245 Broadway – read more here)

11 Murray’s Bagels (address: 500 Sixth Avenue – read more here)

Top 15 Bagels in NYC Salmon & Cream Cheese

10 Black Seed (address: 170 Elisabeth Street – read more here)

9 Russ & Daughters (address: 179 E Houston Street – read more here)

8 H&H Bagels (address: 1551 Second Avenue – read more here)

7 The Bagel Hole (address: 400 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn – read more here)

Top 15 Bagels in NYC Bacon Egg & Cheese

6 Ess-a-Bagel (address: 831 Third Avenue – read more here)

5 Barney’s Greengras (address: 541 Amsterdam Avenue – read more here)

4 David’s Bagels (address: 273 First Avenue – read more here)

3 Terrace Bagels (address: 179 E Houston Street – read more here)

2 Bagel Pub (address: 287 9th Street, Brooklyn – read more here)

Top 15 Bagels in NYC Jam

1 Absolute Bagels (address: 2788 Broadway – read more here)

These bagels are the best in town! If you can only try one bagel shop on this list make it this one. The place isn’t fancy and isn’t big at all but the sure do make a good bagel. Baked fresh, crispy on the outside and wonderfully dense and doughy on the inside makes these bagels our favorite in the city. Definitely worth a try!

Recommendation: Try the cream cheese bagel with lox: A classic bagel with the finest execution we’ve seen.

Top 15 Bagels in NYC Cream Cheese

Looking for the best breakfast?

We are often asked where the best places to have breakfast are and which diners we like the most. Like many of you, we love to have a typical American breakfast. Since most hotels do not offer a good breakfast, diners and breakfast cafés are really your best option. Breakfast in New York is definitely diverse – given the many nationalities represented here, as well as the thousands of tourists, the selection is huge.

The best coffee shops

In the meantime, New York has become one of the major coffee capitals of the the world. Cafés and coffee shops in New York City are a dime a dozen. To stand out from the rest, providers have to become increasingly creative and exceptional. Starbucks and some other chains continue to have their share of the market, but locals prefer to go to their small coffee shop around the corner.

New York coffee drinkers are a curious, well-heeled bunch and are known for their willingness to try new things. Given that combination of customer characteristics, it is no surprise that New York City is often the test market for new products and there is no limit to coffee creations. Customers don’t mind paying for good quality coffee – but where do you get it?

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