Bar SixtyFive – The Highest Terrace Bar in NYC

Located at the iconic Rainbow Room, 65 stories above Rockefeller Center, you will find Bar SixtyFive – the highest cocktail lounge and outdoor terrace bar in NYC. Bar SixtyFive lets you drink your delicious cocktails while having the most spectacular view over the city. 

Important Notice: The terrace is officially closed for the winter season.

Due to its terrific location, you may be able to see as far as 30 miles on a clear day. What’s best about it? You choose your view: North, South or West. We highly recommend the west view as you will be able to enjoy a marvelous sunset while sipping your drink (Click here to learn about our 5 favorite spots to watch the sunset in New York City). Bar SixtyFive and its rooftop lounge are open all week, except for Saturdays!

Also, be aware of the dress code: Dress nicely! Sneakers and hats are frowned upon. Collared shirts for men are preferred.

If you consider yourself an early bird rather than a night owl, why not go there for a delicious brunch in the morning? On Sundays you can choose from a large menu selection that includes fresh sea food. Simply AMAZING! The high quality, however, comes at a high price of $95 per person. Whether you visit the rooftop bar and lounge for a couple of drinks or take advantage of the brunch option – it’s going to be worth it either way!

Bar SixtyFive’s breathtaking view is extremely popular, so make sure to reserve your table in advance! You can do so on their website or on Open Table at no charge. However, there may be a one drink minimum per person for the lounge and a $65 minimum purchase per person for the terrace.


Pictures of Bar SixtyFive terrace bar in NYC, located in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza.


Picture Source: Facebook, Instagram and Website

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