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New York is home to many restaurants and cafes such as Taco Dumbo. Pretty much every block has a large selection of restaurants and each one is influenced from different cultures. For example, if  you happen to pass by a taqueria, you can suddenly feel like you’re in Southern California. That’s what happened to us at Taco Dumbo. The whole vibe at this place felt like we were in a beach bar far away from New York City and just like the ambience, you see it in the Taco Dumbo menu as well.

Taco Dumbo – Vibe = Tribe

Right at the entrance, the guest gets to see the core message of the restaurant: “Vibe = Tribe”.  The restaurant strives to have a laid back atmosphere and positive vibes where everyone can come in and pretty much enjoy company and most importantly clean food. The restaurant was inspired by Southern California beaches. It’s only right that there are signs that say “gone surfing”.  We felt very comfortable here. The bar is also great and serves top-notch margaritas and other delicacies.

To our surprise, there were very few tacos at Taco Dumbo for a restaurant called a taqueria. But we found many different rice dishes with fresh ingredients. We ordered both the tacos and the “rice bowls”. The dishes were very affordable and the portion sizes were pretty generous as well. The ingredients were fresh and the food itself was absolutely delicious. So, if you’re ever in DUMBO, make sure you check out this very chill place. To learn more about their restaurant the Taco Dumbo menu, please visit their website here.

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