Super Taste NYC in Chinatown

Chinatown in NYC has many restaurants that’s spread throughout the neighborhood. We decided to check out this no-nonsense restaurant called Super Taste NYC. It’s known for its hand-pulled noodles served with different meats or seafood.

The Atmosphere at Super Taste NYC

The restaurant is pretty straight forward. It’s not the prettiest or most attractive to the eye, but it does have the necessities. It’s a small place and it can get pretty busy really fast. There are tables against the walls with an aisle that leads up to the counter. Seating is first come, first serve and you order your food at the counter first. This type of service might not be for everybody, but if you’re hungry, this place is a great option.

Our Food

We mentioned above that Super Taste NYC is known for their hand-pulled noodles. They have a decent selection in their menu which ranges from chicken, pork, beef and seafood. They also have dumplings as well which we tried. The food is very tasty and gets the job done. To learn more about the place, please visit their website here.

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