39 Kings Cafe in Flushing, Queens

Formerly Known as Sunway Restaurant

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29. January 2019
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When you think of Chinatown in NYC, you automatically think of the one in Manhattan. But, not a lot of people are familiar with the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens. Asian cultures thrive in Flushing. It’s easily accessible as well with the 7 Train arriving at Main Street Station.


Just like the one in Manhattan, Flushing in Queens has many stores, bakeries and restaurants. One of those restaurants we visited was 39 Kings Cafe formerly known as Sunway Restaurant. It’s a popular restaurant among the locals because of its late hours, great food and great prices.

Our Experience at 39 Kings Cafe in Flushing

Before we get started, we just want to let you know that the restaurant is cash only. Our experience at Sunway Restaurant was a great one. We were seated immediately on a Friday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy. If this was in the Chinatown in Manhattan, we can almost guarantee it would be very tight and have a lot of people. Now, the restaurant can get busy on the weekends, so we suggest avoiding the area during that time. The restaurant is open very late. On the weekends it closes at 5AM and on the weekdays it closes at 4AM. It’s also very accessible since it’s only a few blocks from the 7 Train.

The Meal at 39 Kings Cafe in Flushing

For our meal at 39 Kings Cafe in Flushing, we had their dim sum, fried calamari and their seafood pan fried noodles. The dim sum is always a good choice for an appetizer. The portion size is big enough to share with two people and is a popular choice among the customers here. Another great appetizer is their fried calamari. They season it with chillies and seasoned salt and has a wonderful crunch to it. The seafood pan fried noodles was exceptional as well and is another item that’s often ordered at this restaurant.

Overall, 39 Kings Cafe (Sunway Restaurant) is a great food spot to check out while in Flushing, Queens. The price is friendly to your wallet, the food is good, you’ll most likely be seated right away and it’s open until 4 or 5AM. Just remember that it’s cash only. If you forget to bring cash, there are bank ATM’s just down the block. Let us know what you think of the restaurant below!

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