Steuben Parade 2024 in NYC

Celebrating German heritage in NYC

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The Steuben Parade in New York is one of the largest and most important parades in the city. The Steuben Parade in September will mark the 66th anniversary of the event that celebrates German traditions in the Big Apple for an entire weekend. It also marks the start of Oktoberfest.

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What is the German-American Steuben Parade?

The Steuben Parade is an event to honor German immigrants and celebrate today’s German-American community. The parade was first held in 1957 in Yorkville (a small area of Manhattan’s Upper East Side also known as “Germantown”) and is now one of the largest parades in New York.

When is the next Steuben Parade in NYC?

The Steuben Parade takes place every 3rd Saturday in September. In 2024, the Steuben Parade will take place on September 21. Each year, the parade kicks off as the clock strikes noon and lasts for a total of three hours.

Future Steuben Parade dates to mark in your calendars:

  • Steubenparade 2024 falls on September 21
  • Steubenparade 2025 falls on September 20
  • Steubenparade 2026 falls on September 19

Where does the Steuben Parade in NYC start?

The Steuben Parade starts at 64th St on 5th Avenue, along the east side of Central Park. The parade route will head all the way up to 86th St, coming to an end in Yorkville.

Steuben Parade Route in NYC

Why is the parade called Steuben Parade?

The parade is named after the Prussian Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who was born on September 17, 1730, in Magdeburg, Germany. As a general under Frederick the Great, he wanted to support the newly formed army in the fight for American independence against the British. In 1777, Steuben was invited by Benjamin Franklin and soon became an American military officer assisting none other than General George Washington. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben remained in the USA for the rest of his life until he died in New York in 1794.

Who’s marching in the Steuben Parade?

In addition to members of German-American associations from the USA, up to 50 dance groups, music societies, and carnival organizations, fire brigades, and police associations aligned Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are all part of the annual Steuben Parade. All participants are wearing traditional German costumes, like Lederhosen and Dirndls. Along the parade route, you will see lots of German and American flags!

Photos of the New York Steuben Parade

Which events take place during the Steuben Parade?

What should not be missed during the German Steubenparade? Attending Oktoberfest! Weissbier and sausages are available at Central Park Rumsey Playfield.

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