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Starbucks has been a New York favorite for many years now. It’s the go-to spot for a lot of people in the morning and people are willing to shell out a lot of money for a hot (or iced) cup of joe. Now, New Yorkers have another Starbucks location to enjoy, but it’s not your typical Starbucks in NYC. The Starbucks Reserve in NYC is the newest addition to the Starbucks family in NYC and is located in Chelsea which is right on the border of Meatpacking District. As a matter of fact, the Starbucks Reserve in NYC is right next to Chelsea Market.

What is Starbucks Reserve in NYC?

–Starbucks Reserve roastery is a new establishment that carries some of the company’s rarest and freshest coffee beans. Guests will be able to purchase coffee and will be able to see the beans being roasted as well.

Once you walk in you’ll be greeted by the aroma of coffee beans mixed with the smell of a fresh bakery. You’ll realize how big the Starbucks Reserve in NYC is. There’s 3 levels. The top level is the Arriviamo Bar which is a cocktail bar that serves a variety of coffee and tea cocktails. The middle level (the level that you’ll walk into upon entering), has a small gift shop, a bar where you can order coffee and their bakery. The presentation looks amazing and their food is just as good.

The bottom floor is mostly a space for seating and a small stand where you can purchase coffee as well. There’s also a small demonstration space where they roast their coffee beans. The layout of the space is pretty amazing. And just like with any Starbucks, there is free Wi-Fi. What we admired the most was how big the space is. There’s enough room to venture around without worrying about bumping into people.

In addition, visitors will get to enjoy Starbucks Reserve’s array of specialty coffee and Teavana tea. There’s also fresh baked goods available for purchase  from Milanese Princi bakery.

What’s the Best Time To Go to Starbucks Reserve in NYC?

We suggest going to this coffee establishment in the morning during the weekdays. Because it’s so new, there have been long lines during the weekends. Avoid the long lines so you can enjoy your experience.

Are there other Starbucks Reserve Roasteries?

As of today, with New York being the newest Starbucks Reserve, there are roasteries in Seattle, Shanghai and Milano. Tokyo and Chicago are the newest ones being planned.

For more information on the Starbucks Reserve in NYC, please visit their website here.

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