Staple Street Skybridge in Tribeca

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The Staple Street Skybridge in Tribeca is something special: it is located on Jane Street, which is one of the smallest streets in New York, measuring just two blocks long.

If you stand on Staple Street and look up, you’ll see this architectural highlight that connects two buildings. Originally, these buildings belonged to New York Hospital, which is no longer here. 

The building with the address 60 Hudson Street was built in 1893, here was the Emergency Room. 14 years later, the second building with the address 9 Jay Street was built and both were connected at the level of the 3rd floor by means of this beautiful skybridge.

Over 100 years later, the Staple Street Skybridge still exists and both buildings have been converted into residential lofts and offices. The atmosphere of the rooms must be great, because they have high and richly decorated ceilings, as they were built around 1900.

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