The St. Patricks Day Parade in New York City 2024

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St Patrick’s Day is one of the most spectacular parties in the city. When NYC turns into an Irish green you know it’s St Patrick’s Day in NYC. Part of the celebration is the St Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade has taken place for over 250 years now and is a big part of the Irish culture in the city.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade attracts up to 250.000 people each year and is highly appreciated by both Irish locals in NYC and visitors from all over the world. All you need to do to participate is to have good vibes and if you can, wear something green to show some love for the Irish culture.

When will the 2024 St. Patrick’s Day Parade take place?

This year, the parade will be held on March 16, 2024, which is a Saturday.

Everything you will need to know about the St Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC you will find in this article. If you are looking for more information about St Patrick’s Day, in general, please read our fun St Patrick’s Day Guide.

Where does the St. Patrick’s Day Parade start?

The tradition of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC goes back to 1762 and was always held around March 17. The St Patrick’s Day Parade starts at New York Public Library near Bryant Park from where it will walk towards St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 51st Street.

How long is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

The parade takes place for a couple of hours. It starts at 11 AM and finishes around 5 PM. Most likely you will end up in one of the many Irish pubs in the city right after the parade. If St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekday, the parade will be held the following weekend.

The only city where this is not the case is Savannah. The historic parade in Savannah is always held on March 17, not on the neighboring weekend.

What is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade route?

The St. Patrick‚Äôs Day Parade route will stay on 5th Avenue, will run from 44th Street, will pass by St. Patrick‚Äôs Cathedral, and will end on 79th Street. The parade will begin at approximately 11 AM‚Äď 4:30 PM EST. We suggest that spectators plan your trip accordingly so you can claim your spot along 5th Avenue. It will get busy and it will be crowded. We also recommend taking public transportation into the city as well. Parking will be limited and certain roads will be shut down, making it very difficult to navigate.

Best place to view NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade can be viewed along 5th Avenue between 44th Street and 79th Street during the time of the march. If you are wondering if the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on TV, you can watch the parade from your hotel room, or from home. Tune in on beginning at 11:00 a.m. on March 17.

Photos of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC

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Will there be a 2024 St Patrick's Day parade in NYC?

Yes! The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held on March 17th, 2024.

Who is the Grand Marshal St. Patrick's Day Parade New York?

The Grand Marshal of the 2024 Parade will be Maggie Timoney from Ballina. Timoney is the first female president and CEO of Heineken USA.

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