There’s a new museum in town and it opened up on February 2018. SPYSCAPE Museum NYC is gaining popularity and is the first interactive espionage museum in the Big Apple. Visitors can expect 5,600 square meters of excitement and a profiling system designed by the former Head of Training at the British Secret Service to determine which espionage career would be right for you. We were there to test out this exciting museum. It’s a pretty cool venue and suitable for all ages.

So You Think You’re a Spy

The SPYSCAPE Museum NYC gives visitors deep and highly informative insight into the world of espionage. At the entrance, everyone gets their own chip that’s put onto your wrist. This chip essentially gathers information about you. There are stations within the museum where you can scan your chip. You’ll be asked to complete challenges and quizzes and your results will determine what kind of spy you would be. At the museum you’ll receive insight on how investigators work with the FBI, attempt a polygraph test, challenge your observation skills, unlock ciphers and learn more about modern and historical spy gadgets.

Discover Your Inner Spy

At SPYSCAPE Museum NYC, visitors will explore the secrets of hackers, revelation journalists and codebreakers. Seven galleries focus on different topics such as cyber wars, deceptions that happen to us personally on a daily basis and exciting intelligence operations. Since the museum communicates exclusively in English so far, all of the games and challenges are presented in English. We had a great time and definitely recommend it. Tickets for the SPYSCAPE Museum can be found here.

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