SERRA Rooftop Restaurant

A seasonal rooftop restaurant

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While most rooftop bars in NYC offer stunning views of Manhattan’s skyline, this one blows us away with its amazing decor. Looking at the photos, you will quickly realize that SERRA is one of the prettiest rooftop restaurants in New York.

SERRA by Birreria

So what makes SERRA such a special rooftop restaurant in New York? When seasons change in New York, so does SERRA! For each new season, the rooftop restaurant will transform into a new wonderland showing off its most beautiful decorations. From September through October it features its autumnal wonderland called “Serra D’Autunno”. As early as the beginning of November, the rooftop restaurant then turns into a beautiful winter dreamscape called “Serra Alpina”. Regardless of the season, however, SERRA never fails to enchant us and a visit is always worth it.

The word SERRA translates to GREENHOUSE!

SERRA truly converts its venue into an Italian countryside, adding a local feel to the venue. The floral decor also creates a much more intimate atmosphere than most rooftop bars in NYC have to offer. For us, that’s enough of a reason to come here.



The menu at SERRA

Serra Menu

The decorations at SERRA are not the only things that change as seasons come and go. Though all menus are inspired by food and drinks of the Italian countryside, every newly introduced menu features seasonal items that are guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds. The fall menu, for example, includes apple cider drinks and edible pumpkin-flavored cocktails – perfect to celebrate the fall! In every other season, you can expect delicious seasonal variations!

Where to find SERRA

Serra Rooftop Restaurant entrance
Entrance to SERRA inside Eataly

SERRA is located on the 14th floor of one of our favorite food markets: Eataly Flatiron. To get in, head to the back and simply follow the signs to SERRA.

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