Sailing in New York and Wine Tasting

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Once a week from May to October, more specifically every Sunday afternoon, a sailing tour called “Manhattan by Sail” takes place. This sailing in New York tour includes wine tasting on board a beautiful, old (but of course completely seaworthy) sailboat where you explore Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.

Sailing in New York on the Shearwater

On the “Shearwater”, a handmade 1929 sailboat, which has been operating on NYC rivers since 2001, starts off at Brookfield Place at North Cove Marina and sails towards Verrazano Bridge Staten Island. The team on board the Shearwater is very open, friendly and are genuine sailors. Maneuvering the boat is already difficult. If there isn’t any wind, steering the sail becomes quite a task. Luckily enough we had enough wind, so the crew of the Shearwater could hoist the sails directly to the intended destination.

During the sail, we passed the Statue of Liberty, part of the Brooklyn Waterfront, Staten Island and enjoyed views of the Manhattan skyline, Governors Island and Red Hook. Everywhere offers fabulous scenery for great pictures.

The Wine Tasting on Board

To some, this part of the tour makes it very special. You get to sail around NYC, have a view of the Manhattan skyline and have a wine tasting on board. All these things make this tour so special. this takes place on the bottom of the ship, on one of the benches or quite unconventionally at the bow of the ship for two hours. It’s pretty much a “vacation during your vacation” in NYC.

On board is a wine expert who really knows all about the subject. The wine connoisseur brings a total of four different wines to the tour Each tour has a theme and the wine comes from different regions. The wine is served in a plastic cup which makes it a little odd. However, it makes sense because you don’t want glass falling because of the current. Our wine theme was “Italy”. First, we try the wine, then they explain everything about the wine and its origin and production. You can also get a refill if you’d like.

A Relaxed Atmosphere and Unforgettable Moments

If you drink, you should definitely eat as well. On board the Shearwater, the food is taken care of. They serve a selection of cheese, sausages, nuts, and crackers. There’s enough for everyone. Overall, we were very happy with the relaxed atmosphere the tour provided. We went on a sailboat before and it was a great first-time experience.

Duration of the Sailing Tour:  2 hours

Departure:  North Cove Marina, Southern end of Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, starts every Sunday at 16:30.


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