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You always wanted to know more about the exciting history and pop culture of New York City? Then Rise NY is the place to be! This “museum” is located directly in Times Square and takes you on an interactive journey through the history of the city.

The highlight comes at the very end when you get to see the city from a completely new perspective on a virtual flight. We checked out Rise NY and we can say: we like it!

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What can you expect at Rise NY?

Get ready to journey through New York City’s history in a mesmerizing and engaging manner. Begin with a compelling film from esteemed documentarian Ric Burns that transports you to the past and shows you the cultural and industrial factors that contributed to the formation of the city that never sleeps. Next, step into the museum-like galleries that guide you through the city’s vast evolution in pop culture. These galleries exhibit significant pieces from television, Broadway, music, and fashion.

Lastly, embark on an exhilarating simulated flight above the city’s iconic skyline. Hover 30 feet in the air and prepare to rekindle your love for New York. Experience the sensation of wind coursing through your hair as you soar above the world’s most remarkable architecture, look down on the colorful foliage of Central Park in fall, breathe in the crisp pine aromas of NYC’s quintessential Holiday season, and feel the rush of excitement as you become a part of the Times Square Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve.

Is Rise NY worth it?

In a nutshell: YES! It’s exciting to learn more about the history of the city’s pop culture. But the simulation flight at the end was simply sensational! I had goosebumps during the flight and once again realized how much I love New York!


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