Riding electric mopeds with Revel in NYC

Revolving transports within the city

There are many ways to get around NYC: subway, buses, bikes, and most recently, electric motor scooters (mopeds). The electric moped trend has finally arrived in the city. To help you decide whether a moped ride may be something for you, we’ve summarized all you need to know, including some helpful tips.

How does Revel work?

Revel is a shared electric moped provider in New York and Washington D.C. The ride rental works similarly to the concept of CitiBike. Both only require an app for users to rent the vehicles. Revel allows you to scooter within specified zones in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Compared to CitiBikes, there are no designated parking spots or docks to park your Revel. You can park the electric moped in any legal parking spot where the next rider will grab it from. There are currently 1,000 Revel mopeds out there.

What’s included?

Besides the charged electric moped, you’ll have:

  • phone holder
  • two helmets
  • hairnets
  • storage pod

Revel moped helmets

Signing up for Revel

Step 1: Download the Revel app onto your phone

Step 2: Enter all required information (includes a photo of valid license)

Step 3: Wait until you receive an email confirming your activation

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iOS or  Android

How to Revel

electric revel moped in nyc

  • Locate: open the app and find the nearest electric moped on the map
  • Reserve: once reserved, you have 15 minutes to get to your moped and start it. If you don’t make it in time, the reservation simply expires and someone else may grab it
  • Unlock: select the number of people that are riding and activate the moped
  • Get ready: put on your helmet, hop on the electric moped and set up your navigation. I recommend the app Waze to get around. The Revel app does not include navigation. As you are not allowed to ride on highways, the smartest thing to do is to change your preferences to avoid highways automatically

Check the moped before you start your ride!

Be sure the moped isn’t damaged. Any damages should be reported via the app.

  • Start ride: enjoy the drive and be safe!
  • Park: park your moped following the parking advice provided in the app
  • End ride: return your helmets, close the helmet case and tap end ride

I would even suggest taking a photo after ending the ride just in case something happens to the electric moped after you’ve parked it. You are liable for the moped for up to 24 hours after parking. I never had an issue but I prefer to be on the safe side.

Revel pricing

Revel’s pricing is simple. After signing up, you pay an activation fee of $1 followed by $0.25 per minute. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

  • Registration = $19
  • Ride activation = $1 – 2 (depending on the number of passengers)
  • Fee = $0,25 / minute
  • Fee while pausing the ride = $0,10 / minute

Use the code “PCVBH” when you sign up and save $5 off your first ride

Real price example

Here’s a price example of a ride we recently took within Brooklyn, from DUMBO to Cobble Hill. Hopefully, it’ll give you a better idea of the pricing.

Ride details

  • 1.4 miles
  • 20 minutes
  • 2 people

= $7

The total price consists of the activation of $2-fee for two people and the time fee of $5 ($0.25 x 20 minutes).

It’s worth mentioning that the cost per person goes down with two riders. $7 for two people equal $3.50 per person. Overall, the price is a little bit higher than a single subway ride ($2.75), however, in some instances taking the electric moped is faster and, in all instances, more fun!

Just so you know: an Uber X for the same route would come out to be around $9.34.

Our Revel review

parked revel in nyc

Revel is a fun way to get around the city provided that you are a confident driver. Navigating New York’s streets isn’t easy if you’re not used to it. We recommend taking advantage of the free scooter lessons provided by Revel before you hop on the electric moped for the first time. Getting around by Revel mopeds can sometimes be faster and cheaper but that’s not always the case. Depending on your origin and destination, however, it may be a fun way to commute. The signup is easy and the pricing is very simple.


Is riding a moped in NYC dangerous?

Driving a moped in New York can be dangerous. To minimize the risk, only drive it if you feel comfortable. If you’re unexperienced, take advantage of the free practice lessons provided by Revel. Even if you are an experienced rider, driving in New York can be intimidating. Mopeds are easier to miss and cars tend to switch lanes quickly. Please always be careful. The provided helmets come in two sizes: big and small.

Do I need a license to rent a Revel moped?

Yes, the signup process requires a picture of both sides of your valid driver’s license. In order to be approved, it will be checked and you will receive a confirmation via email shortly after. You don’t need to have a US driver’s license; it also works for other countries, making it accessible to locals and visitors alike.

How fast can a Revel moped go?

The Revel moped are throttled at 30 mph. That’s almost 50 km/h.

How many people fit on a Revel moped?

You can ride with up to 2 people on one electric moped. Each Revel is equipped with two helmets.

Is it hygienic to use Revel mopeds?

Helmets are shared among riders. However, in the storage pod, you will find hair nets to cover your hair with before you put on the helmet.

What if you leave the zone?

We were wondering the same and tried it out. The vehicle doesn’t set off an alarm or stop if you leave the zone. However, ending a ride outside the zone will result in a high monetary penalty.

Never ever end the ride if you’re outside the zone!

You can drive out of the zone but if you end the ride and abandon the vehicle, you will be charged a fee between $50-150. If you find yourself outside the zone and you would like to stop somewhere, PAUSE the ride. Pausing the ride only costs $0.10 per minute and you avoid the penalty fee. After your stop, return to the zone to park your vehicle and you will be perfectly fine.

Can I ride the electric moped in Manhattan?

Nope. Revel mopeds can only be driven in designated zones in Brooklyn and Queens. You are not allowed to drive on highways, or over bridges. The best way to avoid highways is to change your settings on your navigation app. We use Waze and it has the option.

How much fits into the Revel storage pod?

How much fits into the storage pod depends on whether you’re using one or two helmets. If empty, the pod can comfortably fit two handbags or backpacks. As a single rider, however, space will be limited due to the second helmet being in the case.

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