Red Rooster in Harlem

The Red Rooster Harlem in New York is a popular restaurant and is a place that we recommend trying out. It’s become an integral part of the community in Harlem. Located only a few blocks from the famous Apollo Theater, locals and tourists alike stop by here to enjoy amazing food.

This location attracted many show business greats such as Nat King Cole and many more. This pleasant colorful mixed atmosphere was to revive with the Red Rooster – and it is really atmospheric succeeded.

Red Rooster Harlem: A Strong Community

Community is of great importance to the residents of Harlem. Therefore, it is only logical that Chef Samuelsson lives up to this claim. Red Rooster Harlem offers a platform for local artists and musicians, hosts cooking classes, sources ingredients from locals and also a large part of his staff originate from Harlem. The atmosphere in Red Rooster is something that you have to experience for yourself.

New York Restaurant – Artist Platform – Local Hero

The kitchen picks up on American roots and reinterprets them in a wonderful way. Red Rooster in Harlem offers great soul food. We tried the roasted chicken (for just under $30), corn bread served with honey butter , vegetables and chicken waffles. Everything tasted wonderful, but we do feel the prices for the main courses are quite expensive. Half a chicken for $30? Something like that only exists in New York.

Overall, we do recommend coming to Red Rooster Harlem. Just be ready to drop some money.

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