Radio City Music Hall Decorations

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The Radio City Music Hall is a very famous theater building in the middle of New York. It is part of the Rockefeller Center and is located in close proximity to the Top of The Rock and the Museum of Modern Art. When you see the Radio City Music Hall from the outside, it will seem like a journey 80 years into the past. In many movies you can see the old neon sign and therefore it is really famous.

Where can you see the Radio City Music Hall Decorations?

You can see the beautiful decorations at Radio City Musical Hall that is located on 6th Avenue Yards at 50 Street. You can’t miss it!

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How long are you going to see the Christmas lights?

Usually you can see the Christmas lights from end of November through the end of the Holiday Season.

What can you do after seeing the Christmas Lights?

I would head towards 5th Avenue afterwards and check out the many Christmas decorated storefronts there. From there, walk up to Winter Village in Bryant Park to go ice skating (or at least watch others skate).

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