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As you probably already know, we are very big fans of “Grand Banks” – the two-masted sailing vessel at Chelsea Piers, where you can have a relaxed drink and enjoy incredible views of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. If you don’t know Grand Banks yet, be sure to check it out – you’ll find our article and video here.

Now, you can also find an offshoot of Grand Banks in Brooklyn. It’s called Pilot and is located directly at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6. Once we learned about Pilot, we knew we had to stop by and check it out. Our summary of the spot? It’s simply awesome! Its superb location right at the Brooklyn Bridge Park lets you enjoy picture-perfect views of Lower Manhattan, the Downtown Manhattan Heliport and the Statue of Liberty – all that in the most comfortable ambiance you can imagine!

Pilot Brooklyn

The spot is still a real insider tip in Brooklyn!

Impressions of the vintage boat Pilot Brooklyn

Take in the sunset views with a glass of wine in your hand and, if you like, choose from different oysters or smaller seafood dishes to complement the wine.

Fun fact: The boat Pilot is over 100 years old and used to be the United States’ fastest ship back in the days.

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