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Right next to the beautiful Little Island you will find the Pier 57 Rooftop NYC. As the name suggests, you can go up to the roof of this huge pier and have a sensational view of the city skyline. How you get there and finding out what else awaits you, you can see right here!

My tip: here you can find even more beautiful free attractions in New York City!

Where is the Pier 57 Rooftop?

The Pier 57 Rooftop is located at about the height of the southern end of the High Line in the Hudson River and is rather inconspicuous, despite its size. To get to the rooftop, use the south entrance not far from Little Island. From there, just follow the path along the building. Once you’re walking directly towards the Hudson River, go about halfway up the building. On the glass doors you will find the directions to the Rooftop!

Why am I writing this in such detail? On my last visit, I just focused on filming and walked completely around the building once while looking for the entrance 😀.

What can you do on the Pier 57 Rooftop?

Actually, there’s not that much to do except enjoy the view. The rooftop is occasionally used for events as an outdoor location, and as you can see from the pictures, the view of the Hudson Yards and the Midtown Manhattan skyline is just incredible!

Impressions of the Rooftop Pier 57 in New York:

This is what you can look forward to:

What can you do after visiting Pier 57 Rooftop?

You have several great options: either walk the High Line towards Hudson Yards or relax along the Hudson River when heading towards One World Trade Center. On the way there, you’ll pass by one of my absolute favorite spots – the Grand Banks on Pier 26.

Another great option is a walk through the adjacent Meatpacking District and Chelsea with its many galleries!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rooftop Pier 57

Is it possible to eat and drink on the Rooftop?

No, it’s more used for sunbathing and outdoor events like the Tribeca Film Festival. However, you can satisfy your hunger and thirst in the small restaurant on the first floor!

Is the entrance to the Pier 57 Rooftop free?

Yes! The Pier 57 Rooftop is open to the public and is another attraction that is free in New York!

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