Peter Pan Goes Wrong on Broadway: Tickets + Guide (CLOSED)

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Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a comedy from the team behind the award-winning global success The Play That Goes Wrong. The classic story of Peter Pan is reinterpreted here, as the protagonists of the play have to fight against the whims of technology on their way to Neverland. Hilarious misadventures keep happening to them along the way. 

This musical is appropriate for children from 8 years and adults.

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Peter Pan Goes Wrong on Broadway Tickets

Peter Pan Goes Wrong Broadway PosterPlease note: The Broadway play will only be performed from April 19, 2023 through July 9, 2023. Tickets for the play are available here 👇


Where will Peter Pan Goes Wrong be performed?

The location for the Broadway play is the Ethel Barrymore Theatre (243 W 47th St.).

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