Peter Pan Donuts

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Peter Pan Bakery in Williamsburg was founded almost 60 years ago and is a big part of the community in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The hipster area loves spots where you’re getting great food to a reasonable price. Peter Pan Donuts offers all of that. 60 years ago, when Peter Pan Donuts sold their first donuts over the counter, nobody had a clue that one day the area would become such a melting pot for young creators, artists and entrepreneurs who would all love their freshly made, warm donuts.

Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint

When you’re in the area you should definitely come and check it out. You won’t find many tourists here since it’s an absolute insider spot. But what makes Peter Pan Donuts so special? First it’s their special fresh taste. The staff starts baking donuts at 4:30 AM in the morning when they open their doors for the day. Peter Pan has this old school kind of vibe with a very special character. You won’t find any fancy decoration or anything. This place is basic with non-basic products to a good price for the area. It’s cash only also. The decision from over 20 donuts will be a tough one, we can tell you though that all of the donuts taste really good – can’t go wrong with Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint.

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