The Best Parks in New York

New York is a city of extremes: gigantic skyscrapers, surrounded by two rivers, located next to the ocean, and yet it has many green spaces. Sometimes they are quite small and feature a waterfall like Paley Park in Midtown, and sometimes they are as huge as Central Park, the green oasis in the heart of Manhattan. The best parks in New York including our insider tips as to what activities you should try there or why you absolutely have to go there (for example, to take great pictures),can be discovered here!

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About the author

I'm a true New York fan! Not only have I visited the city over 25 times but also have I spent several months here at a time. On my blog I show you the best and most beautiful spots of the city, so that you have a really good time! You can also find lots of insider tips in our New York travel guide. Also check out my hotel finder for New York!

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