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One Times Square, which is known the world over for hosting the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, is about to undergo some huge changes that will transform it into a year-round attraction.

In addition to being the site of one of the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve parties, One Times Square is getting a $500 million development that includes a modern-day visitor center, an AR-VR experience, and, even more exciting for visitors to New York, an observation deck in the heart of Times Square.

Sure to be included on the list of the best observation decks in New York once it opens, One Times Square will be a gamechanger for visitors to New York.

What is the One Times Square Observation Deck?

The One Times Square Observation Deck is part of the newly planned expansion and development of One Times Square. Given that this building hasn’t been open to the public in decades, this is news we as New York aficionados couldn’t be more excited about!

Joining some of New York’s other iconic observation decks like Top of the Rock, Edge Hudson Yards, One Vanderbilt, and the Empire State Building, the One Times Square Viewing Deck is the first to put visitors right over the action in Times Square.

Though not as high as either of the Empire State Building’s Decks (which provide incredible views at the 103rd & 86th Floor Observatories), One Times Square will offer the kind of view from this 26-story building that still lets you make out the movement and the life in Times Square below.

That’s how the One Times Square Viewing Platform will look like

What you’ll be able to do on the One Times Square Viewing Deck?

This major redevelopment includes the launch of a viewing deck and a museum experience. With the viewing deck, visitors to New York will be able to get up close and personal with the New Year’s Eve Ball, any time of year, while also enjoying a thrilling view of Times Square.

For history buffs and fans of New York City, the museum will also be a must-visit spot where you’ll be able to learn about the building’s history (it was originally built as the site of the New York Times in 1904!), how the New Year’s Eve Celebration comes together each year, and how this site plays into Times Square’s epic history.

Video of the Viewing Deck at Times Square

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FAQ about One Times Square Viewing Deck

What is the timeline for the Viewing Deck’s completion? When can I go up there?

Construction is set to begin soon and the redeveloped building interior of One Times Square is slated to open to the public in summer 2024.

Are tickets required to visit One Times Square’s Observation Deck?

While details haven’t been announced yet, it seems likely that tickets will be necessary to access One Times Square Observation Deck. Currently access to similar viewing decks in New York all require tickets. This includes the Empire State Building, Edge Hudson Yards, and Top of the Rock.

Will One Times Square Viewing Deck be open to all ages?

If One Times Square follows in the path of other observation decks in New York, it will be open to all ages. The Empire State Building, for example, is open to all ages and even makes admission free to children ages 5 and under.

Will we be able to still see the ball drop?

​​The construction is being thoughtfully planned to leave the north-facing LED signs on the building’s facade, and the Ball will stay in place, too.

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