NYC to Host Ticker Tape Parade to Honor Health Heroes

A beacon of progress

One day, we will beat the coronavirus. Once NYC reopens, it will host a ticker tape parade to honor those on the front lines. It will be a symbolic rebirth of the city after one of the most impactful crises to date.

Mayor de Blasio announces ticker tape parade in NYC

Mayor De Blasio announced on April 21st that NYC will host a ticker tape parade in New York once the pandemic subsides. The parade will be held to show gratitude to healthcare workers and first responders who work tirelessly during this ongoing pandemic. “We will honor those who saved us” de Blasio said.


Ticker tape parades are reserved for remarkable accomplishments and events. The last two ticker tape parades in NYC took place in 2015 and 2019 when he US women’s national soccer team won the Women’s World Cups. Incidentally, the first ticker tape parade in NYC was an impromptu celebration held in honor of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty back in 1886.

When will the ticker tape parade take place?

While the ticker tape parade has been announced, the details are still in limbo. No concrete arrangements can be planned as nobody knows when the crisis will be overcome and absolute safety can be provided. Nevertheless, the parade is something to look forward to – whenever it may take place. It is guaranteed to be an extremely emotional parade.

Once more information is available on when the parade may be held, we will share it with you here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter below this article to stay up-to-date.

Where will the ticker tape parade take place?

Ticker tape parades in New York are held along the Canyon of Heroes, which stretches along Broadway. They start at Battery City and end at City Hall.

One of many gestures

The Health Hero Ticker Tape Parade in NYC is one of many campaigns to demonstrate gratitude towards essential workers. Though essential workers deserve more than a parade, it is nevertheless an appreciated gesture. Some of my favorite exhibitions of solidarity include:

  • Clap Because We Care: Daily at 7 pm, New Yorkers clap for essential workers. The applause typically lasts for several minutes and has been ongoing since March.
  • Empire State Building Lights: The iconic landmark hosts several different light shows to lift people’s spirits and to honor the heroes of this crisis.
  • Bryant Park Lawn: The popular park has had its lawn mowed into a heart shape to show love for essential workers.
  • Rockefeller Center Ice Rink: The famous ice rink has converted the ice into a giant sign reading “New York Tough”, a phrase often used by Governor Cuomo.
  • Screens and Billboards: Times Square and LinkNYC work together to honor essential workers by using their screens to send thank you messages.
  • Street Art: Coronavirus-related artworks have emerged all over the city to promote hope and solidarity.

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