Niu Noodle House in West Village

Niu Noodle House NYC located in the West Village is known for their rich flavors. As we were walking around the area, we realized that the restaurant was in the vicinity and decided to check them out.

The Atmosphere of Niu Noodle House

Niu Noodle House

We went to the restaurant right at 12PM and it was still empty. Service was fast and the waitress made sure we were situated. The restaurant had a modern rustic feel which seems to be a trend with restaurants in New York. The walls were decorated with abstract art which definitely fit the vibe of the restaurant.

Our Lunch

For lunch we tried out their popular Pork Steamed Bun, Pork Soup Dumplings, Vegetable Lo Mein and probably the most standard choice, Beef with Broccoli. Here’s the reason why we ordered their Beef with Broccoli. It’s probably on every single Chinese restaurant’s menu in America. If the most basic dish is good, then there’s a chance the rest of their menu will be pretty good too. At least, that’s our thought process.

We first had Niu Noodle House’s Pork Steamed Bun and Pork Soup Dumplings. The buns were nice and soft. The filling however wasn’t anything special. We thought it had a little too much sauce which overpowered the pork and the rest of bun’s fillings. The Pork Soup Dumplings however was really good. The filling and the dipping sauce that came on the side really complimented each other.

As for the entrees, we had their Vegetable Lo Mein and their Beef with Broccoli. To be quite honest, it wasn’t anything special. The flavor was there, but none of it really impressed us. Overall, we think Niu Noodle House is just an “every day” restaurant. It’s definitely a safe option if you are craving for something quick and simple.

You can learn more about the restaurant by visiting their website here.

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