Newark Airport to NYC & Back

Transfer from EWR to NYC and back

Newark Airport is one of three airports serving the NYC area, so there is a great chance you may land in New Jersey when traveling to New York. If you do, here’s how to get from Newark Airport to NYC and back.


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How to get from Newark Airport to NYC


Getting from EWR to NYC can be easy. However, it also depends on your destination. Is it located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island? In most cases, the answer is Manhattan! Manhattan is the most popular borough for travelers, followed by Brooklyn. Accordingly, there are plenty of transfer options from Newark Airport to these NYC boroughs, compared to Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Just because there are more options to Manhattan and Brooklyn, however, does not mean you cannot get to the other three boroughs.

So here they are, all airport transfer from Newark Airport to NYC’s five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. If you already know that you are headed towards Manhattan or Brooklyn, you may find it more helpful to read one of these guides, offering more detailed instructions.

EWR to Manhattan EWR to Brooklyn

1. Taxi or Uber from EWR to NYC

Taxis outside of Newark Airport
Taxi stand outside EWR

Taxis and rideshares like Uber or Lyft are always an option to get from Newark Airport to NYC. The duration and cost of the transfer heavily depend on your destination. Regardless of where you are going, you will be dropped off right at your hotel or accommodation. While the door-to-door service is the most hassle-free, it does come with a price tag. There is no flatrate when taxing a taxi from Newark Airport to NYC.

Remember that the fares do not yet include tolls and tips! Also keep in mind that, depending on traffic and distance, the transfer may take substantially longer.

Have a look at the approximate durations and prices for each destination in NYC:

  • Manhattan: 40 minutes / from $60
  • Brooklyn: 80 minutes / from $75
  • Queens: 60 minutes / from $80
  • Bronx: 60 minutes / from $60
  • Staten Island: 25 minutes / from $45

Before taking an Uber from EWR to NYC, check out the fare estimate tool to get a better idea of the fare. If you don’t have an Uber account yet, use the promo code “selwynt1” when signing up and you will save $5 off your first ride.

Sign up Uber fare estimate

2. Private transfer from EWR to NYC

private transfer from EWR to NYC

Compared to taxis or rideshares, you pre-book your transfer from Newark Airport to NYC, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger when arriving at the airport. Instead of waiting in line to get a taxi, you will be greeted by your driver at the terminal. You will then be dropped off at your hotel in New York. In some instances, a private transfer can also be a cheaper way to get from EWR to New York. It’s the best option, especially if you are traveling with kids. Unfortunately, the private transfer is only available for the boroughs of Manhattan or Brooklyn. Luckily, these are more likely to be your destination. If not, a taxi is the next best alternative.

Here are the approximate durations and prices for each borough:

  • Manhattan: 40 minutes / from $21
  • Brooklyn: 80 minutes / from $34
  • Queens: n/a
  • Bronx: n/a
  • Staten Island: n/a

book transfer to manhattan BOOK TRANSFER TO BROOKLYN


3. Shuttle Bus from Newark Airport to NYC

Airport shuttle from EWR to NYC

A shuttle is a slightly cheaper way to get from EWR to NYC if you are traveling alone or in a small group. The bus will take you directly to your accommodation in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Compared to a private transfer or taxi, however, it is a shared shuttle meaning that other travelers may be on board with you. Depending on the route, you may be first or last to be dropped off. That can make a difference in the transfer duration.

There are currently no shuttles from Newark Airport to NYC’s boroughs of Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Below, you can see the approximate durations and prices depending on your destination:

  • Manhattan: 90 minutes / $24
  • Brooklyn: 100 minutes / $26
  • Queens: n/a
  • Bronx: n/a
  • Staten Island: n/a

BOOK SHUTTLE to manhattan BOOK SHUTTLE to brooklyn

4. Public Transportation from EWR to NYC

NJ Transit Train at Newark Airport Station

Public transportation from Newark Airport to NYC involves different modes of transports and a few changes, making it more complex than a taxi, private transfer or shuttle. Especially when traveling with luggage, which I’m assuming you are, it’s not very convenient. Whether you are heading to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx, the transfer looks very similar. Because of its secluded location, only Staten Island has to be reached differently.

Newark AirTrain Subway map

  • Manhattan: 60 minutes / $18

The best way to transfer from EWR to Manhattan is by train and subway. Before you can take the train, however, you will need to take the Newark Airport AirTrain to “Newark Airport Station”. There you can connect to NJ Transit to New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan. It will be the last stop of the route. If your destination is not within walking distance of Penn Station, you may need to continue your journey by subway.

There is a second option to getting to NYC and while it is slightly cheaper it involves one more train change. After taking the AirTrain and changing into the NJ Transit at Newark Airport Station, instead of riding to New York Penn Station, you can get off at Newark Penn Station where you have access to the PATH network. The PATH can take you directly to the World Trade Center (WTC) in Lower Manhattan. There again, you could hop on the subway to continue your journey if your hotel is not in the area.

  • Brooklyn: 90 minutes / $18

To get to Brooklyn by public transportation, you will need to pass through Manhattan. So just take one of the two options from above to get to Penn Station or WTC, and then use the subway to Brooklyn.

  • Queens: 90 minutes / $18

Likewise, getting to Queens from Newark Airport works the same way. First, take the AirTrain, followed by the NJ Transit train, followed by a subway ride to Queens.

  • Bronx: 90 minutes / $18

Again, take one of the two options to get from Newark Airport to Penn Station and then you’ll only be a subway ride away from the Bronx.

  • Staten Island: 180 minutes / $18

Honestly, getting to Staten Island is so complicated, it involves more than five changes including AirTrain, trains, and buses. You’d be looking at a transfer of 180 minutes for a distance of 13 miles. It’s not worth it! You are better off taking a taxi or Uber from Newark to Staten Island.

Theoretically, you could follow the same approach as to the other boroughs, meaning AirTrain, followed by a train, followed by the subway, and then followed by the Staten Island Ferry. While the Staten Island Ferry is free and offers great views of New York and the Statue of Liberty from the water, it’s not the best way to enjoy it with your luggage. Save the ferry for something other than the airport transfer.

Steffen Kneist Loving New York

My personal pick

I am a big fan of public transportation and always use the subway or bus system where available. However, I would NOT recommend taking public transportation from Newark Airport to NYC if you’ve never been to New York before. Changing trains can be intimidating and Penn Station isn’t necessarily the best place to arrive with your luggage. Public transportation involves a lot of train changes. Doing with luggage is not the best way to arrive in NYC. Unfortunately, you also won’t always have access to elevators.

My recommendations:
Traveling alone or as a couple? ➡️ Shuttle
Traveling as a party of 3-5? ➡️ Private transfer
Traveling as a party > 5? ➡️ Multiple private transfers or a shuttle
Traveling with kids? ➡️ Private transfer

If a shuttle or private transfer isn’t available to your destination, just take a cab!

Getting from NYC to Newark Airport

If you are trying to get back from NYC to Newark Airport, simply choose your transfer above and reverse it. Between all NYC boroughs, you have the following options.

  • private transfers directly to the airport
  • taxi or rideshares directly to the airport
  • shuttle bus directly to the airport
  • public transportation (subway, followed by train and AirTrain)

Allow enough time for your transfer for you to arrive at least two hours early before a domestic flight and three hours early before an international flight.


How much is an Uber from Newark Airport to NYC?
Depending on your destination in NYC, an UBER can cost anywhere from $50 to 180 per ride. In order to get a more accurate estimate, you can enter your address in Uber’s estimate tool. However, the fare fluctuates according to the time of your ride and also depending on demand.

How much is the train from Newark Airport to NYC?
Taking the train from Newark Airport to NYC costs $15.25. First, you will need to take the AirTrain from the Airport to Newark Airport Station. There, you can take the NJ Transit to New York Penn Station. At Penn Station, you can then change to the subway if your destination is not within walking distance.

What is the cheapest way to get from Newark to Manhattan?
The cheapest way to get from EWR to Manhattan is by taking public transportation. It involved two changes: first from the AirTrain to the train and then again in Manhattan to the subway if needed. If you are well-traveled, taking public transportation won’t be a big deal. For those who prefer door-to-door service, you can also take a private transfer and avoid the hassle. It’s actually not that much more expensive.

How do I get from Newark Airport to Grand Central Station?
There is a direct bus taking you from Newark Airport to Grand Central Sation. The Newark Airporter Bus is not the most convenient way to travel from EWR to NYC, however, it’ll be a direct shot. Depending on traffic, you may allow more time than scheduled. The bus ride costs $18.50 per person.

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