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A Year in New York by Andrew Clancy

This is a really great video by Andrew Clancy. With the accompanying soundtrack, it really makes you want to be there! It just puts you in the mood to hop on a plane and jet over to the city of dreams, doesn’t it?

Casey Neistat’s New York City by Discover America

Casey Neistat is a famous Youtuber who is known for his creative videos. Here, he shows his relationship to New York in a beautiful short film. We really relate to this video (and you probably too) since we really found ourselves in a lot of his themes. We love this city and the video is a wonderful homage to New York City.

These are some of the spots that you will see – take a look at our insider tips, it will be worth your while:

#NYC by Piotr Wancerz / Timelapse Media

Piotr Wancerz created a timelapse video of New York from thousands of pictures. We really like this one as it’s very origional. We especially like the pictures of Central Park, how day turns into evening and finally night (starting at 0:50). Fantastic – the energy of the city is palpable!

These are several spots and tours featured in the video:

New York City Time Lapse by Blueglaze LLC

Goosebump alert! This great video by the company Blueglaze LLC that shows you a number of spots in New York City that will look familiar to you. You will enjoy this video the most if you have been in NYC before!

The video includes the following attractions:

NEW YORK : MANHATTAN : METROPOLIS by Fram Film | Natural Light

This video was sent to us by a fan. It was shot in 2013 and 2014 and is the perfect homage to the city. You get a great view of the city’s many skyscrapers in this one! In just 6 minutes, this video transports you to New York – the shots are truly phenomenal and evocative.

New York Timelapsed by James Ogle

Do you want to get lost in your daydreams of New York? Then I have a fantastic timelapse video by James Ogle for you! In 4 minutes, you will see many spots that I am sure you’ve been to yourself. Enjoy!

These are some of the attractions that are featured:

NYC by Kenia Seagull

It lasts only about a minute, but still manages to be full of impressions! The Video NYC by Kenia Seagull, shot in 2012 in New York, will take you back to the city that never sleeps. Fantastic!

Traveling: New York by Katharina Kahlcke

Katharina made a video of her visit to New York and sent us a copy. We find it sensational! This is one of the ones that makes me want to go back straight away.

Rumble and Sway by The Seventh Movement

Here is another great New York video recommendation. From sunrises over Manhattan to sunsets in Central Park – the shots in this one are incredible!

Have fun dreaming of New York!

Midtown by Drew Geraci (District 7 Media)

Midtown Manhattan is one of the areas of the city we really like. The Flatiron, Madison Square Park, great bars and pubs, etc. Drew Geraci has made a fitting timelape video that is a wonderful homage to midtown. What do you think? Fantastic, right?

Fall by Jamie Scott

Here we have another great video by Jamie Scott. What makes it so special? He set up his camera in 15 different spots in Central Park and took a picture every two days for 6 months to show how nature changes from summer to fall.

NEWYORK2012 by Lili Seidl

Lili sent us a fantastic video (with fantastic music!) that we definitely want to share with you. It was created during her visit in New York in 2012.

My name is Lili and I am a media designer from Berlin. I fell in love with New York at first glance. I love to travel and always have my camera with me to capture my trips.

Thanks so much for your video!

New York: Night and Day by Philip Stockton

Philip Stockton offers a soothing composition of various places in New York. The amazing video begins at day and ends showing the beauty of the city at night.

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