Baseball is a celebrated American sport in the US in general, and in New York in particular. I love talking baseball with fans in a bar over a beer. This is also why I went to a New York Mets baseball game!

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The New York Mets – Baseball in New York

The Mets are one of two New York baseball franchises in Major League Baseball (MLB). The official name is actually Metropolitan Baseball Club of New York – but that’s a lot more cumbersome than “Mets”, and the team is thus known by the abbreviated name. The name is a tribute to the New York Metropolitans, a team that played in New York from 1883 to 1887. The team has experienced some successes, but has also suffered many setbacks. To this day, they hold the dubious record of the most losses (103) in a single season in the history of MLB. The New York Mets can lay claim to two World Series wins, but these occurred in the distant past. But things are looking up for the team: for the last several seasons, the New York Mets rank near the top of their division.


The New York Mets were established in 1962 and have weathered many a storm. The first games were played in the former stadium of the New York Giants. Two years later, the Mets found a home at Shea Stadium in Queens. In 1957, two National League baseball clubs left New York for the west coast. Not wanting the Big Apple to be without a major National League team, William Shea, a prominent lawyer from New York, requested the addition of an expansion team (the New York Yankees, by the way, play in the American League). Shea got his wish in 1962 and the New York Mets started their first season.

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I chose the words “the SECOND New York team”carefully because the New York Mets are overshadowed by the New York Yankees in terms of team successes and recognition. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot if you are a fan of the Mets! Other things, like game atmosphere, are also important, and the Mets certainly deliver here! But more about that later. The New York Mets won the MLB Championship – the World Series – twice, but both titles were won long ago. The team’s success in 1969 was followed by a long drought that can be blamed on a flawed personnel strategy. Older and more experienced were to support the young team. While this sounded good in theory, it did not work out well in the dug-out and it took management a long time to recognize that. It wasn’t until 17 years later that the Mets won their second World Series title. Now almost thirty years have gone by without another major title.

New York Mets Tickets

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New York Mets Stadium

The baseball team plays at Citi Field Stadium in Flushing-Meadows Park. The stadium was built in 2009 to replace the old Shea Stadium. Cheer on the New York Mets along with 45,000 other baseball fans and enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the game! Flushing-Meadows Park is also the home of Arthur Ashe Stadium, where the US Open Tennis Tournament is played! The easiest way to get to the games is by subway line logo subway line 7 – in just 30 minutes, you will arrive at “Flushing – Main St.” station and then just follow the crowds!

New York Mets

When should you arrive at the stadium? I recommend getting there about an hour before game start. This will allow you to watch the Mets warm up and to feel the anticipation build as the game gets closer. Plus, wait lines are not as long then and you can also take a tour of the other sections of the stadium, something that I always enjoy doing.

The Best Seats at the Citi Field Stadium

I recommend seats in the red and medium-blue sections (100 series and 300 series) – these seats will allow you to recognize the players and see the ball. These tickets have the best cost/benefit ratio! For current Mets tickets click here. When buying New York Mets tickets, you can choose to have them delivered to you as a voucher that you print out (e-ticket) or you can go the traditional route and have paper tickets mailed to you. Getting them sent to you via regular mail may take one to two weeks. Once you have selected tickets for a game, it will tell you the expected delivery date.

The best seats for the money are in the 100’s sections and the 300’s sections.


 CityField Seating Mets Baseball


The New York Mets play as often as 5x a week, so the chances that you will be in town for a home game are pretty good. If that is not the case, see if the New York Yankees have a home game during your visit.

Fans & Atmosphere

Although the New York Mets are not one of the top teams in baseball, the atmosphere at the game is what it should be: you are definitely there to watch a main event and the anticipation is palpable. Having everyone in the stadium rise and remove their baseball hats for the singing of the National Anthem is always an emotional moment. Totally American and absolutely fantastic!


  • Buying tickets online is 100% safe (we’ve done this ourselves!))
  • The best seats for the money are in the 100s section and 300s sections
  • Get there one hour before first pitch
  • Destination: Citi Field in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens


New York Mets Tickets
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