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13. May 2019
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The New York Jets are one of the two major American football teams that New York has to offer. The atmosphere at New York Jets games is sensational – and going to a game should be on the sports to-do list of every fan of American football. 

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Jets Schedule

Football season starts in September and finishes in early February with world-renown Super Bowl. Preseason begins in August and typically has the two New Yorker football clubs play against each other. If the New York Jets don’t have a home game during your stay in New York, check the game schedule of the New York Giants. Since both NFL teams share the MetLife Stadium through a special arrangement, the probability of one of them playing there is pretty high!

This Jets schedule will show you can all upcoming games in the New York City area:

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NY Jets Tickets & Best Seats

In my opinion, the best seats are the ones in the 200’s sections. But the seats in the 300’s sections also offer tremendous views of the football field! Prices for tickets start very low but easily go into the $200-300 price range and up.

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About MetLife Stadium

Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford

The official home of the New York Jets is the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Not only is the structure impressive, but the atmosphere inside is also really incredible. Although the stadium is located in New Jersey – getting there from Manhattan is easy. Just take a look at this backdrop:

How to get to MetLife Stadium

The stadium of the New York Jets is exceptionally well connected to public transportation options – and you can get from Manhattan to the front steps of the stadium within 45 minutes! The best ways to get to the stadium are by bus or by train. Both options are ideal for big events like this – just follow the crowd (you can’t get lost!) – and they get you there fast.

1. Getting there by train

From Penn Station (located at 34th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan) you first take NJ TRANSIT heading in the direction of Secaucus, New Jersey (you can get to Penn Station with the subway lines logo subway line 1logo subway line 2logo subway line 3 and logo subway line alogo subway line Clogo subway line e ). You can buy tickets directly at the counter and off you go! The train ride takes 10 minutes and then you have to get out (along with thousands of other fans!) at “Secaucus” station – the official name of the station is “Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station”.

From there, you get onto the next train to the Meadowlands Rail Station – this train ride also takes only 10 minutes! Trains leave on regular intervals to get all the fans to the stadium. Once you arrive at Meadowlands Rail Station, you find yourself directly in front of the stadium! Starting at approx. 3 1/2 hours before game time, trains run every 10 to 20 minutes. During the game – when most people are already in their seats – trains run only every hour or so. Once the game is over, trains are back on the every-10-minutes schedule. A one-way ticket costs approx. $10.

2. Getting there by bus

With the “351 Meadowlands Express,” you can get from the Manhattan Port Authority to the MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex within 1 hour for only $10. The first buses leave approx. 2 1/2 hours before game start – the last ones leave up to 30 minutes after official game start.

You’ll be better off taking the train!

When should you arrive at the stadium?

You should arrive approx. 90 minutes before the game start for a New York Jets game. With so much going on at the stadium, time flies by and you can soak in the fantastic party atmosphere! The singing of the national anthem is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. And you will be able to tell by the mood in the stadium that football is truly a national sport that thrills the masses.


When do the NY Jets play?

Football season starts in September after pre-season in August. The Jets will play throughout the winter and the better they are, the longer they play. The last possible game is the Super Bowl which determines the NFL champion. To see all upcoming games, take a look at the current NY Jets schedule.

Where do the NY Jets play?

The NY Jets play in MetLife Stadium, New Jersey. It’s well connected to Manhattan so you won’t have trouble getting there. You can expect 2-3 NY Jets home games a month. If there is none during your trip, chances are that you can see the NY Giants instead.

How much are Jets tickets?

NY Jets tickets can be as cheap at $10. These tickets will not offer you the best views, so a good ticket should cost about $60-70 on average.

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