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A New York helicopter tour is the ultimate way to explore the city. You will get the opportunity to take some amazing pictures as well as get an impression of the city and its sights in a truly unique way.

Looking down on the rest of the cities observation decks as the concrete canyons and people in them grow smaller and smaller, is a truly amazing experience. A New York helicopter tour ensures amazing views of the most impressive sights while giving you a humbling perspective of the city as the busy metropolis shrinks beneath you. However, booking a New York helicopter tour can be confusing with all the different providers and options available. We have put together a guide below that can help you decide which NYC helicopter tours are worth booking.

Manhattan Sky Tour
Big Apple Helicopter Ride
best value
Manhattan Scenic Helicopter Ride
Complete New York Tour
Grand Island Tour

Manhattan Sky Tour Helicopter Ride

Big Apple Helicopter Tour

Manhattan Scenic Helicopter Ride

Complete New York Helicopter Ride

Grand Island Helicopter Ride


Certificate of Excellence Helicopter Ride

Certificate of Excellence Helicopter Ride

Certificate of Excellence Helicopter Ride

Certificate of Excellence Helicopter Ride

Certificate of Excellence Helicopter Ride

12 minutes
15 minutes
18 minutes
20 minutes
25 minutes


Average rating
Statue of Liberty

Times Square

Empire State Building

Chrysler Building

Rockefeller Center

Brooklyn Bridge

Ground Zero / One World Trade Center

Ellis Island

Chelsea Piers

USS Intrepid

George Washington Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

Central Park

Yankee Stadium

Palisades of New Jersey

Colombia University

Coney Island

Northern tip of Manhattan

Verrazano Bridge


What routes do the New York City helicopter tours take?

Starting from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, your helicopter tour will take you over the most interesting sights of NYC. You start by flying over Governors Island and around the Statue of Liberty for an amazing view of the two famous landmarks from above. Flying up the Hudson river will give you a birds-eye view of the skyscrapers to your right as you rise far above the city for a breathtaking view of the Big Apple. As you are far above the observation decks of the city, the view from your New York helicopter tour will give you the opportunity to take some very unique photos of the thriving city beneath you. This is just the beginning of your helicopter tour around New York and what sights you see afterwards depends on which helicopter tour you decide on.  The helicopter tours are truly an experience that you will never forget – each one will give you a truly unique opportunity to explore manhattan from the sky.

NYC helicopter tours all fly up and down the Hudson and circle the Statue of Liberty and Governors Island. The differences between the different routes lies in their flight time as well as the size of the loop they take around Manhattan. You can see the different loop sizes below to compare the New York City helicopter tours.

FAQ – Everything you need to know about your New York helicopter tour

If you have already booked your helicopter ticket or are just about too, there are still some things you need to know. Below we have prepared a list of common questions that you may want answered. If you do have any further questions do not hesitate to ask the friendly and competent team prior to your NY helicopter tour, or let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Can I book my helicopter ride with my New York Pass?

Yes, however you can only do so once you are in NYC. Not only do you run the risk no helicopter flights being available, the prices are also more expensive in comparison to booking online. It is therefore highly recommended that you plan your helicopter tour in advance and book your tickets here. You can find instructions below on how exactly to book your tickets.

When do I need to be there?

Please be at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport 45 minutes before your scheduled departure time for a compulsory safety induction.

Where do the helicopter rides leave from?

All NYC helicopter rides leave from Downtown Manhattan Heliport. Please be sure to have your tickets with you and arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

Is there a weight limit?

No. However, all passengers weighing over 300lbs (136kg) will need to pay for an extra seat. This can be paid to the provider at check in.

Can I choose my seat?

Due to the need for the weight on both sides of the helicopter to be balanced, you will not be able to pick your seats. However, you can voice your seating preferences during the process and the staff will try to accommodate your wishes with this in mind.



How many people will I be flying with?

Depending on the helicopter, 4 – 6 people will be on one flight.

What can I can not take on board?

Only items that can be kept on your person are allowed on board, such as a cell phone, camera, or sunglasses. Any larger items (e.g. water bottles or oversized cameras that can block the view) need to be left at the heliport. Should you need to leave things behind, there are small lockers available for ($2).

What do I need to bring?

Please make sure to bring your tickets as well as a valid photo ID for every passenger (this also includes children). Also don’t forget your camera!


Is there anything not included in the NYC helicopter ride ticket price?

A security/heliport fee of $30 per person is not included in the ticket price. Also not included are the tip (optional), as well as hotel transfers.

New York Helicopter Tour Comparison Guide
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