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Is th New York C3 CityPASS worth it?

The New York C3 CityPass was one of the first New York attraction passes and still belongs to the most popular ones. As a CityPASS holder, you can visit 3 iconic New York attractions for a discounted price. Once the pass is purchased, all 3 admissions are fully covered by the pass. Here’s everything you need to know about the New York C3 CityPASS.

What is the New York C3 CityPASS?

New York City Pass C3The New York C3 CityPass is a great way to save up to 30% on your combined attraction prices. In order to fully benefit from the New York C3 CityPass, you’ll need to know in advance that you will only be able to visit three attractions included in the pass.

  • Get One-Time Admission to 3 Iconic Attractions and select three from a list of the most popular and must-visit places in the city. You’re able to select your attractions as you go
  • Valid for 9 consecutive days.
  • Compared to the regular New York CityPass, you can pick between all 11 attractions. There are no options like you see it with the New York City Pass, you’re free to choose whatever suits you best.

In the following, we will exclusively focus on the New York C3 CityPass and share our experience with this New York attraction pass for you.

The New York C3 CityPass at one glance

  • Flexibility: You do not have to decide on the attractions you want to visit beforehand. You can pick your spots as you go.
  • Choice: You have a choice between 11 major NYC attractions and tours. All of the most popular NYC attractions are included.
  • Convenience: The New York C3 CityPass is super convenient! After purchasing you’ll receive a QR code that you can save on your smartphone. This way you do not need to go collect it anywhere in NYC.
  • Price: The cost/benefit ratio is great. The New York C3 CityPass saves you a lot of money while providing you with a lot of flexibility. But keep in mind that you can only choose from 11 attractions whereas other NYC attraction passes offer way more variety.

How does the New York C3 CityPass work?

  • Step 1: Purchase it

When buying the New York C3 CityPass you don’t have to pick your 3 attractions just yet. Purchase online and receive mobile or printable tickets. The easiest way is to use the mobile version of the pass. You can start your adventure right away or within a year of purchase.
  • Step 2: Activate it

Your NY C3 City Pass will automatically be activated the first time you use it. Once presented for the first time, you will have 9 consecutive days to visit any remaining attractions at your own pace.
  • Step 3: Use it

Simply present your pass at the ticket counter of your selected New York C3 CityPass attractions. Either the QR code on your phone or the printout version will be scanned and a ticket will be exchanged for you in return. There won’t be any additional charges.

New York C3 CityPASS Prices

The New York C3 CityPASS costs $84 for adults. For kids from 5-12, the New York City C3 Pass costs $64. Keep in mind that the C3 CityPASS is most likely not worth it for kids younger than 5 because many attractions will be free for them anyway. Due to the already discounted price, there are no C3 CityPass discount codes.

Buy the C3 CityPass

Attractions included in the New York C3 CityPASS

The New York C3 CityPASS includes twelve attractions, museums, and tours for you to choose from. The main NYC highlights and attractions are included such as the Empire or Top of the Rock. The fixed attractions included in the New York C3 City Pass are already selected for you. You cannot switch a fixed attraction for another one.

Is the New York C3 CityPASS worth it?

To get a better feeling if the New York C3 CityPass is worth it, let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of the pass.

Pros of the New York C3 CityPass

  • you can save up to 44% off regular ticket prices
  • great if you know exactly what kind of attractions you would like to experience
  • it can be the cheapest pass if you’re completely happy with the offer
  • perfect when you’re interested in museums.

Cons of the NY City C3 Pass

  • Only 12 attractions are included in the pass
  • you don’t need a pass to save at the American Museum of Natural History
  • Not ideal if you have been to New York City before and you have probably seen most of the offered attractions already
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My personal opinion

Personally, I think the New York C3 CityPass is a great pass when you know exactly what you want to explore in the city. With only 11 attractions included this pass only offers you to visit three of them. You can for sure save money in case you’re all set what you’d like to experience.

If you need more freedom and flexibility this pass may not be for you.

The best way for you to find the best pass is by using our Savings Calculator. Simply select the attractions and tours you are interested in and the tool will automatically calculate which pass will yield you the largest savings. It can be as simple as that!

Still thinking?

The easiest way for you to find the best New York C3 CityPass is by using our Savings Calculator. Simply select the attractions and tours you are interested in and the tool will automatically calculate the pass with the largest savings for you. It can be as simple as that!


New York C3 CityPASS compared to other passes

If you want to see how the New York C3 CityPASS compares to other passes, head to our Ultimate Pass Comparison. There, you can see all major differences and get a great overview of all attraction passes that are out there. If you like the idea of many hop-on-hop-off experiences, you may want to check if the New York C3 CityPASS could be worth it for you.

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