The New York Art Center

Painting a new art scene in TriBeCa

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In light of the decline of retail and the rise of digital advertising, the New York Art Center is painting a new art scene in TriBeCa, combining the two with an innovative approach: a rotating, in-person gallery meets an app to purchase original artworks from artists all over the world.

New York Art in TriBeCa


Since its opening in March 2019, the New York Art Center in TriBeCa provides a platform for artists from all over the world, bringing passion and creativity together in the middle of Manhattan. On 9,000 square feet across three floors, you will find new works of art monthly. The rotating schedule offers exposure to emerging and renown artists in the New York art market. In total, the NYA art complex boasts six galleries and eleven exhibition booths.

The New York Art Center in TriBeCa is located within walking distance to Canal Street, making it easily accessible by many forms of transportation. By choosing this location, NYA follows the trend of art galleries popping up in TriBeCa motivated by finding an alternative to Chelsea and other pricier neighborhoods.

A special feature of the New York Art Center in TriBeCa is the interplay of the gallery’s physical presence together with the iPhone app. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and curators can meet here not only to stroll through the gallery but also to purchase the original artworks directly.

The TriBeCa Art Walk at NYA


On every first Thursday of the month from 6 pm to 9 pm, NYA Art Center hosts a very special event: the Tribeca Art Walk. The Art Walk takes place inside 3 galleries at 7 Franklin Place and connects artists with collectors, curators, and enthusiasts.

Be sure to start conversations with the artists!

At this personal gallery exhibition, you do not only walk through the art center but also get to know the artists firsthand. The conversations are inspiring and help you learn more about individual pieces of art. From our experience, they are more than happy to share their inspiration and experience that went into each piece of art. Especially in this digital age, the personal touch of this NYA event stands out in a crowded field of art galleries.

Attending the Tribeca Art Walk is free and drinks are provided, including specialty cocktails by Brooklyn Gin – a sponsor of the event. Though the TriBeCa Art Walk may sound like a guided tour, know that you can freely explore the galleries during your visit.

Meeting Steve Lyons, a world-renown artist

Steve Lyons is a world-famous and award-winning artist from Ohio. While Steve’s main studio is located in Chatham, Massachusetts, he lived in New York City for several years and therefore is very knowledgeable about the New York art scene.

Steffen and Tino ran into him at a rooftop bar!

As luck would have it, Steffen and Tino met Lyons at the Gallow Green Rooftop Bar in Chelsea and ended up visiting the gallery the very same day. They left the New York Art Center impressed by both the gallery’s concept and Steve Lyons, who recommended checking out the TriBeCa Art Walk.

Lyon’s art show is titled “Texture and Tone” and represents a discussion about the geopolitical topic of our lives: the environment. While much of the news about environmental issues are negative, Lyons explores the subject by creating stunning abstract works of art. What’s unique about his artwork is the use of sculptural painting techniques that bring his canvases to life. Instead of being overwhelmed by negativity, Lyons celebrates natural beauty with the hope of reminding people what we need to preserve and why we need to act quickly to continue enjoying that beauty.

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During our visit, we also met Sabina, an artist whose feature in the New York Art Center marks her first in New York. The stories behind her paintings were very interesting.

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