Here you will discover the best, fastest, and most affordable ways of getting from the New York airports to ManhattanFor transfers from Newark Airport to Brooklyn click here.

There are 3 airports in New York (technically, of course, the Newark airport is in New Jersey):

  • John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)
  • La Guardia Airport (LGA)
  • Newark Airport (EWR) in New Jersey

All three airports have good connections to the local infrastructure, so you have several options to choose from between New York airports transfer options. No matter from which airport you start your transfer to the hotel there is always a range of low-budget to ultra-comfort options available.

New York airports transfer options

Transfer from JFK airport to Manhattan

Click here for a map of airport terminals.

By Taxi ($62):

Taxis offer a flat rate (including tolls) so there are no surprises later. You can get to Manhattan for $ 62 in a cab, including tolls, and can conveniently get to Manhattan.

Our tip: when you exit the airport, you will be approached by people asking if you need a taxi. Those are private individuals and should not be confused with the Yellow Cabs! Be sure to say NO — as soon as you step outside of the airport, you will see the official yellow cabs queued up in their allotted spot. That’s where you go; you will be steered to the next taxi in line, and you can be sure you won’t be ripped off.

By SuperShuttle Manhattan ($ 20)

The “SuperShuttle Manhattan” is a group taxi that takes 6-8 passengers to Manhattan for $20. Every additional person only pays half! This can be strenuous: worst case scenario — you are the last to be dropped off at your destination!

Our tip: purchase your tickets in advance to avoid the hassle upon arrival!

That way you don’t have to worry about anything else after your long flight!

By bus ($ 15)

The New York Airport Service Express Bus stops at Grand Central Station, Port Authority, Penn Station, and at Bryant Park (cost per person approx. $ 15)

By subway ($ 7.50)

You can also get to Manhattan without spending a lot of money by using the subway and the MetroCard.

First, you can take the AirTrain at JFK to “Jamaica Center Parsons/Archer” station or “Howard Beach JFK Airport” station. From “Jamaica Center Parsons/Archer” station, the Line  will take you as far as 53th Street in Manhattan. Also the Line  and  depart from there, but these are only of interest if you want to go to the southern tip (Financial District) of Manhattan. From “Howard Beach JFK Airport” you can take the Line to lower Manhattan.

Tickets for the AirTrain are $ 5.

Please budget 50 to 60 minutes transit time.

New York airports transfer options

By Limo ($ 62)

Astounding but true: you can also have a limo take you to Manhattan. Prices are similar to taxi fares. Be sure to reserve in advance!

Transfer from La Guardia airport to Manhattan

La Guardia airport is just 14 km (8 miles) from midtown Manhattan — that’s why the transfer to Manhattan only takes 30 minutes or so.

Click here for a map of airport terminals.

By Cab ($ 30 – 36)

Be sure to take the Yellow Cabs and not the black, private ones– yellow cabs operate under a permit by the City and are therefore highly trustworthy!

Taxis are queued up in front of every terminal. Every taxi stand has some kind of booth with an attendant who will steer you to the next taxi in line. Cost per person: $ 30 – 36 (including toll and tip)

By NYC Airporter ($ 13)

This express bus operates from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and stops every 30 minutes at the following destinations: Grand Central Station, Penn Station, and Port Authority Bus Terminal (west of Times Square). Cost per person: $ 13.

By bus, line M60 ($ 2.50)

Bus M60 will take you as far as 125th street in Manhattan and costs $ 2.50 per person.

By SuperShuttle ($ 15 – 19, depending on destination)

These group taxis will take you to Manhattan for $ 15 – 19, depending on destination.

Transfer from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Click here for a map of airport terminals.

New York airports transfer options

By Taxi

Yellow Cabs – these operate under a permit from the City and are therefore highly trustworthy. Newark is quite a distance from Manhattan. You will see this in the cost for a cab ride from the airport to Manhattan: including tolls and tip, the trip will cost $ 65 – 85, depending on your destination in Manhattan. With 3 or more people, this option becomes more cost effective compared to other alternatives:

By train:

From the Newark airport, you can reach Manhattan very easily and conveniently by train (NJ Transit). In just 30 minutes, you will find yourself in Manhattan. Cost: $ 15 per person.

Newark Liberty Airport Express

The bus makes several stops in Manhattan: Port Authority Bus Terminal (west of Times Square), Fifth Avenue and Bryant Park, as well as Grand Central Station (41st street between Lexington and Park avenues). Cost per person: $ 16.

By SuperShuttle:

The SuperShuttle also operates between Newark and Manhattan. Cost per person: approx. $ 22.

New York airport transfer options to Manhattan
New York airport transfer options to Manhattan
New York airport transfer options to Manhattan
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Fiona wright

Yes thank you


We booked a house on Staten Island and travel to JFK. We thought about renting a car to get to Staten Island, because there is no obvious public transportation. Ist that correct?


While there are public transportation links to Staten Island from JFK, this involves two changes and takes around an hour longer. We would recommend a private car!


We Booked in Midtown. From JFK took Specialshuttle.( 15 USD each one) When we left, took a private car from the hotel to JFK.(80 USD) In the middle we traveled to Miami, took a taxi to La Guardia(35 USD) and in the returne took another taxi.(35 USD). Taxi is correct and honest always. Special shuttle I do not recomend if you arrive for the first time to NYC.


Thank you for your feedback!


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