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The New Jersey Devils are a franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL) in close proximity to New York. If you would like to see a live ice hockey game in New York, they are the “third” team you can choose from in the area. Ice hockey is one of the 4 top sports in the US, and the attendance record at New Jersey Devils games reflects the sport’s popularity. A great atmosphere at the games is guaranteed – the New Jersey Devils are a first-class team and are often favored to win in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

NJ Devils Tickets Info

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New Jersey Devils Schedule

The current New Jersey Devils game schedule is posted below. Simply click on the link and select the game you’re looking to attend. If the Devils don’t have a home game during your stay in New York, check and see if the New York Rangers or the New York Islanders do!

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New Jersey Devils Tickets & Best Seats

New Jersey Devils tickets start at $50, but these are for seats in the upper rows. Game atmosphere is still fantastic even in the upper levels, but you are quite a ways from the action on the ice and the puck is difficult to see 😉 To get tickets with the best cost/benefit ratio you will need to spend between $100 and $260 – but since you don’t go to an NHL game every day, a splurge now and then is ok – at least that’s what we told ourselves!

The best seats are located in the center on the long side of the rink. From there you will have a perfect view of all the action. I have marked the seats that I think are the best deal for the money in yellow. The section numbers will tell you how close you are to the ice: the lower the number, the closer you are to the action. But don’t worry – you will still feel all the excitement higher up!

New Jersey Devils Prudential Center

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New Jersey Devils Stadium

Home games are played at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The stadium can hold 17,615 fans and is a classic multi-functional arena: the basketball team, New Jersey Nets, played here until they moved to Brooklyn in 2012.

Getting to New Jersey Devils games

You can get to the Prudential Center easily by train from Penn Station (33rd Street between 7th and 8th Ave.). You don’t even have to change trains. You just take the “Northeast Corridor” or the North Jersey Coast Line. Trains leave at regular intervals – mostly every 12 minutes, and in 20 minutes, you have arrived at your destination: Newark Penn Station.

Then you just have to walk 2 blocks to get to the Prudential Center. You can’t miss it – just follow the crowds!

When should you arrive at the stadium?

I like watching the spectators fill into the stadium and feeling the anticipation grow in the building. That’s why I recommend that you get to the stadium one hour before the start of the game. This will allow you to avoid the long wait lines that form at the ticket counters and entry gates just before the game and will also give you the opportunity to tour the Prudential Center and watch the teams warm up.

More about the Jersey Devils

There is hardly another team in the NHL that has moved around as much as the New Jersey Devils. These frequent relocations are unheard of in Germany. However, in the US, these teams are franchises that are sold to different owners, hence the numerous moves. The Devils were founded in Kansas in 1974 and played their first games in the NHL as the Kansas City Scouts. Just two years later, they moved to Denver where they became the Colorado Rockies. Since 1982, they are the New Jersey Devils – following their move to the East Coast and into Prudential Center in Newark.

Team Successes

When there are several teams in the same sports category in one city, it is often the case that one team is dominant and the other(s) lie in its shadow. But that is not the case with the New Jersey Devils. While the New York Rangers play in the metropolitan area as well, one team does not dominate over the other. The New Jersey Devils are three-time Stanley Cup Champions: 1995, 2000, and 2003. From 2005 to now, the Devils won the Atlantic Division four times and also became Conference Champions in 2012.

Rivals of the New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils have two rivals in close proximity: die New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. When these teams meet, the atmosphere is at a fever pitch.

Fans & Atmosphere

The New Jersey Devils have a sensational fan base and the atmosphere at games is always crazy. It is for this reason alone that you should not miss a Devils game – it is definitely worth experiencing. All ice hockey games have an unbelievable level of excitement.

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