National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey in NYC

Dive into the ocean without getting wet!

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Have you ever wondered what wildlife is like in the Pacific Ocean? To find out, all you need to do is head to the National Geographic Encounter in NYC! In this article, we’re sharing our experience with you.

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The National Geographic Encounter in NYC

National Geographic Encounter entrance

The National Geographic Encounter is one of the most immersive experiences in New York City. Located in the heart of Manhattan, you’ll get to join the journey across the Pacific Ocean, while learning about different ocean inhabitants along the way.

The adventure starts with a tour through different areas of the ocean and closes off with time to explore at your own pace. Your guide will take your group of fewer than 30 people from one experience to the next, giving you all the insights you need. Questions are welcome and encouraged at any time.

Though each life-size diorama you enter is unique as you make your way across the Pacific Ocean towards the U.S. west coast, they all share one feature: they are immersive! Most of them are even interactive and require different senses. 3D animations, authentic audio recordings, a fun mirror maze and more await you.

Once you arrive at the last room, the guided part of the experience will have ended. You can now freely explore the activities and test your knowledge about the ocean. You’re invited to stay as long as you like!

National Geographic Encounter tickets

National Geographic Encounter tickets

You can already buy National Geographic Encounter tickets for approx. $34. Buying the Ocean Odyssey tickets online can save you up to $6 per ticket, which is why we recommend purchasing them online before your visit.

Please note that experiences run every 15 minutes, so you may have to wait for a little until the next start.


Discounted National Geographic Encounter tickets

If the savings aren’t big enough for you, there’s another way you can save on the National Geographic Encounter tickets. Holders of the New York Pass, Go Explorer Pass, and Sightseeing Pass will be able to enjoy the Ocean Odyssey in NYC for free as admission is already included in those passes!

New York attraction passes can already be worth it for as little as 2 attractions. Be sure to check which pass is best for your trip. You can easily find out by using our savings calculator! Simply select the attractions and tours you’d like to see and do, and the savings calculator will do the work for you. With New York Passes you can save up to 50% on admissions.

Our Ocean Odyssey review

The first thing to strike us was the groundbreaking technology used at the Encounter. The exhibits are not only interesting but incredibly immersive! As the general trend is headed towards creating more interactive experiences, the National Geographic Encounter surely follows this trend successfully. Every new room you enter is completely different, leaving you intrigued and excited for the next one.

What we also loved about the experience is that it’s educational and fun at the same time, making it a wonderful family-friendly activity in New York. Most of the visitors we saw when we went were families. However, the experience is certainly not limited to families. It’s just as great for any other type of traveler.

You can take incredible photos and videos (no flash!), which will make a great memory of your visit. The entire space is tinted blue to simulate an underwater experience. That may be helpful to know in case you or someone in your party suffers from light sensitivity.

We love immersive experiences and had such a fun time here that we’ve included the Ocean Odyssey in NYC in the most fun things to do in NYC! Needless to say, we greatly recommend a visit if you have the time! If you’re not quite sure and you’d like to see more opinions, you can read more reviews here.


How long does the National Geographic Encounter take?

The experience takes about 75 minutes. If you like, you can stay longer.

Is the National Geographic Encounter in NYC appropriate for kids?

The Encounter is a fun thing to do in NYC with kids. It’s a kid-friendly activity and highly recommended if you’re looking for something cool to keep your kids entertained.

How much are National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey tickets?

You can get tickets for as low as $34. If you have one of the New York attraction passes, however, admission may be already included and you don’t have to pay at all.

How to get cheap National Geographic Encounter tickets?

The cheapest way to get tickets to the National Geographic Encounter is by using a New York attraction pass. Tickets may already be included. To find out if and which attraction pass is the best one for you, check out our New York Pass savings calculator.

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