The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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A visit to the Metropolitan Museum in New York is more than just a visit to the art museum. With more than 2 Million artworks in its repertoire spread out over its 2.000.000 square feet of floor space the museum is a must visit. It is definitely with good reason that The Metropolitan Museum of art is one of the most visited sights in New York City.

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Works of art from classical antiquity and Ancient Egypt, paintings, and sculptures from many European masters, and an extensive collection of American and modern art is shown in the permanent exhibition. 6 Million visitors annually visit this amazing collection. What’s the magic behind the met? Why it is so successful? We went there to check it out for you.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

A great museum at Central Park

The museum is impressive even from the outside. The architecture of the museum is amazing. In front of the building, the huge stairs give the museum its unique look which has become recognized globally. Founded in 1870 the famous Met is still expanding to this date, building its expansive collection of relics paintings and artifacts. The Mets collection is so large just 25% of it can be shown today. The world-famous collection includes 17 curatorial departments, from the historical pieces of ancient Egypt, the spectacular American Wing, to the inspiring treasures from the Greek and Roman world, beloved Impressionist paintings, and the latest in contemporary art. A world of great art awaits you at the Met. The Museum’s renowned global collection and all special exhibitions are included within your admission ticket!

The museum’s collection

The contents of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection represent a diversity of age, medium and geographic origin. The Egyptian Art collection includes pieces from 300,000 B.C. – 4th century A.D. Other elements of the permanent collection include Musical Instruments and Modern Art. A great highlight is the temple of Tembur: The temple was given to the United States by the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1965, and eventually awarded (on the basis of being able to provide a suitable environment) to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1967.  The temple was stored on the Island of Elephantine before it was dismantled from its original location. It was installed into the purpose-built Sackler Wing in 1978. Furthermore, the Met offers 20 rooms each dedicated to a single epoch.


The roof garden

Enjoy the amazing views from the rooftop garden terrace when you visit The Met. This art venue and restaurant is open in the warm weather months at the Met. It offers great views of Central Park and the Manhattan Skyline. The garden was the gift of philanthropists Iris and B. Gerald Cantor, founder and chairman of securities firm Cantor Fitzgerald, to The Metropolitan Museum.

Take the Audio-Guide with you

The Met Audio Guide offers more than 100-hours of informative audio commentary. Developed by expert curators and educators, the audio guide will teach you about works of art in the Museum’s collection and some of its special exhibitions. Portions of the audio guide are available in nine additional languages: French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How much time do you need?

It’s not possible to see the whole Metropolitan Museum in one day. My advice is to read the museum’s map beforehand and decide on the exhibitions you want to see. You can find the maps at the information desk just as you come into the main entrance. Just to give you an idea of the museum’s size: the American Wing alone is so huge that you could spend a whole day there. The Met is divided into different parts, which offers you a direct way to the parts of the museum you’re interested in. If you want to have seen everything, we recommend planning a full days for the Met Museum during your stay in New York City.

Metropolitan Museum of Art


To avoid the ticket queues it’s easier to purchase your tickets online. This way you will save time and also have your tickets sorted out in advance.

Our conclusion: This is one of the best museums in New York City and you shouldn’t miss this experience. The Met is impressive and a museum, you’ll never forget. The museum allows even non-art lovers to see art from a different perspective and enjoy the historical journey. 

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