Jazz Bar Marian’s Brooklyn

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Marian’s is a live jazz and event space on a cozy little corner in Bedstuy. Their mission is to bring live music and warmth to the community, combined with the breathtaking taste of seasonal cooking. There is nothing like sharing a meal, or a beverage coupled with live entertainment. Every Thursday to Saturday night they have live jazz, and many other events. That’s why I had to add this amazing spot to my list of the go-to spots when you are interested in jazz.

What really stands out is their food. The chefs are hyper-focused on quality, and pride themselves on providing hand-crafted, homemade, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients to provide that mouth-watering flavor. Everything they serve is made in-house daily and their  approach is to get the freshest ingredients. What I personally really like is the menu that changes often and is focused on seasonality.

Impressions of Marian’s in Brooklyn

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