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One of the Best Helicopter Flights over NYC

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New York City has so much to offer; the only problem is that the many landmarks, islands, and other famous stops can be crowded with people. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, skip the crowds and opt for a helicopter ride over NYC instead.

Manhattan Sky Tour NYCThe Manhattan Sky Tour offers guests a bird’s eye view of the city. View Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and much more from the comfort of a state-of-the-art, modern craft.

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About Manhattan Sky Tour Helicopter Ride NYC

The following information discusses everything you need to know about this excellent helicopter ride over NYC:

What Attractions Will You See?

From Pier 6 at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, you’ll take off in a Bell 407 helicopter over many wondrous NYC sites. Visitors will view the Big Apple’s most celebrated parks, Ground Zero, and the prominent World War II aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid. Here are other iconic sites visitors can expect to see:

What Is The Ride Duration?

The Manhattan Sky Tour consists of a 12 to 15-minute helicopter ride over NYC.

What Route Does This Helicopter Tour NYC Follow?

Once you’re strapped in your seat, the first stop of this tour takes visitors over the famed Governor’s Island, which used to serve as the Dutch governor’s estate, former Coast Guard post and military fort. This location now serves as a historical monument where occasional ground tours are offered.

The next stop brings you up-close-and-personal with the nation’s face of democracy and freedom, the Statue of Liberty. Given to America as a symbol of friendship from France, this well-known monument was designated a National Landmark in 1924.

This helicopter tour NYC is different from others because it allows breathtaking views of the New York Harbor beginning at The Battery on the southern tip of Manhattan before ascending over three boroughs, past the Verrazano Narrow Bridge onto the coast of New Jersey, and the 12 National Parks of New York Harbor. Here visitors will witness the story of America’s early defenses through influential worldwide icons on both land and water.

The Manhattan Sky Tour then passes over the Manhattan Skyline, where NYC’s skyscrapers touch the sky before traveling over to Lower Manhattan, which offers beautiful views of Downtown Manhattan.

After this, the helicopter soars past the Empire State Building showing guests all 1,454 feet of the famed Midtown Manhattan building, which is known as the World’s most famous of all office buildings. It’s also considered a top tourist attraction in NYC.

As the flight continues, guests will get an excellent view of the place where over 20 million immigrants were processed for entry into the United States, known as Ellis Island. The last sight on this tour is the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. This location is a non-profit learning institution that features the USS Intrepid, some of the World’s fastest jets, a guided missile submarine, and the space shuttle Enterprise.

Manhattan Sky Tour – Helicopter Ride NYC Price

This helicopter ride NYC price starts at $215, including the ticket and local taxes. The list price does not include the mandatory $40 per person heliport/security fee, gratuities, or hotel pick-up and drop-off.

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Heliport Information

The Manhattan Sky Tour from Zip Tours departs from Pier 6 at the downtown Manhattan Heliport located at 20 South St, New York, NY, 10004.

The bottom line is there is no better way to see New York City than in the sky via a helicopter ride. Not only does it allow visitors to skip the crowds at the city’s most iconic sights, but it provides the perfect opportunity for capturing photos and creating lasting memories!

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