Magenta Plains Gallery in Chinatown NYC

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Magenta Plains is a contemporary art gallery located in Chinatown directed by Olivia Smith, Chris Dorland and David Deutsch. Magenta Plains is a young gallery with a relatively small program that prioritizes artists with unique voices, like Ebecho Muslimova and Alex Kwartler. Their strength lies in the careful selection, prioritizing quality over quantity and fostering context and meaning for the development of new ideas.

Impressions of the Magenta Plains Gallery in the Lower East Side

Current and upcoming exhibits

  • Stan VanDerBeek: Transmissions (March 7– May 4 2024)
  • Jane Swavely and Alan Uglow: Independent New York 2024 (May 9 – May 12, 2024)

What can you do after your visit?

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Or head over to the Museum at Eldridge Street or the amazing Mahayana Temple in Chinatown.

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