Madame Vo NYC – One of the Best Pho in New York

The Perfect Spot for a Winter Day

Winter is almost here and what better way to warm yourself up with a nice bowl of Pho at Madame Vo in the East Village. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that consists of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat/seafood. Traditionally, it is primarily made with beef or chicken. Considered one of the go to street foods in Vietnam, pho has become a special dish in many restaurants across the world. Madame Vo serves pho in an amazing broth and is definitely worth a try.

The Atmosphere of Madame Vo

Madame Vo has a modern and minimalist atmosphere with hints of green and brown. The place is definitely social media friendly because of the neutral colors and each angle is very photogenic. The restaurant also has a very hip vibe to it. So, if you’re an aspiring food blogger, check this place out. You can find press articles posted on the wall from different publications such as the popular Hypebeast.

Lunch Selection

We went to the restaurant on a pretty chilly day. We wanted some soup so we decided to check the place out. Their menu had a good amount of options but not too much to the point where you get overwhelmed. For appetizers we had their fried spring rolls with shrimp and meat. It is served with lettuce, mint and a dipping sauce. These three components work really well together.

For the main entree we had their house specialty, The Madame Pho. According to their menu, the beef broth is simmered for 24 hours and served with rice noodles, brisket, eye round, bone marrow and meatballs. The herbs and meat are placed into the bowl first. The beef is slightly raw and when they pour the hot broth over the meat, it is cooked instantly. This also helps create more flavor. The dish comes with bean sprouts, basil and lime on the side so you can season your dish accordingly. The soup is rich in every way possible. The broth has amazing flavor and mouth feel. All of the ingredients within the dish compliment each other.

We had their Vietnamese iced coffee for a drink and is super delicious.

We Recommend Madame Vo

This is definitely a place to try out especially on a chilly day. It has the perfect atmosphere and their pho will certainly fulfill you. To learn more about their restaurant please visit their website here.

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