Le Pain Quotidien New York

A Belgian Bakery in New York

Food in New York can be very interesting. Thanks to the multicultural mix of the city you will find just about any type of cuisine in countless restaurants spread throughout the city. A great spot to check out is Le Pain Quotidien New York. It is a Belgian cafe/restaurant chain which serves delicious homemade bread and much more. We at Loving New York were here recently to share our experience with you.

Le Pain Quotidien New York with Roots from Belgium

In 1990, the young Belgian Alain Coumont opened his first bakery with the aim of creating a place to feel at home. His desire was to bake bread that tastes like that of childhood memories. Since he could not find that anywhere in Belgium, Coumont decided to do it himself. In just a few months he opened 10 more bakeries in Belgium. Seven years later, Le Pain Quotidien’s New York flagship store opened on Madison Avenue. Today, Le Pain Quotidien New York has about 40 stores throughout the city.

Le Pain Quotidien: The Bread

In the hustle and bustle of the city, Le Pain Quotidien invites you to escape to a place where tradition and simplicity are valued. The bakers mix organic stone meal, sea salt and water with a special yeast to create the base of the bread. The dough is then patiently kneaded by hand and baked in stone-lined ovens. However, Le Pain Quotidien doesn’t just offer bread. If you really want to eat breakfast like you’re in the heart of Europe, here’s what the establishment has to offer. There’s frothy lattes, full baskets of rustic European bread, croissants and brioche, lots of different egg dishes, cereal yogurt parfaits and so on. At noon there is a huge list of soups, salads, sandwiches and so on.

The Best Locations: Le Pain Quotidien

No matter where you are in New York, you will have a Le Pain Quotidien in the vicinity. Especially near all the top sightseeing attractions in New York , you are guaranteed to find one of the restaurants. We tried out a Le Pain Quotidien in Bryant Park and loved it there. Our other favorite locations for us are the located near Sheep Meadow in Central Park. There are also very cool Le Pain Quotidien spots at Battery Park City,  TriBeCa and SoHo . Below you will find the addresses. Enjoy your meal!

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