LaGuardia AirTrain

About the AirTrain LGA Proposal

Many travelers ask us “is there a LaGuardia AirTrain?” and the answer is no. However, there is a chance that, in many years, there will be one. Gov. Cuomo first announced the plan to build a people mover at LGA in 2015.

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LaGuardia AirTrain

Yay or nay?

Before you get too excited: The idea of a LaGuardia AirTrain sounds promising but the reality is that it is not confirmed. The proposal faces many challenges and has already been criticized for its ballooning construction costs and an unrealistic timeline. FAA. Even if the proposal moves forward, it is likely to exceed the proposed deadline.

The Proposal: AirTrain LGA

LaGuardia Airport has been facing extensive criticism in the past not only but also for outdated facilities and bad customer service. It is now time to improve and modernize the airport that is one of the three NYC airports and the twentieth busiest airport nationwide. Just like JFK is undergoing redevelopment, LaGuardia is, too.

One part of the redevelopment dubbed “a new LGA” is an AirTrain. LaGuardia Airport is already the closest airport to Manhattan but the AirTrain would provide reliable public transport from and to LGA in less than 30 minutes. According to the proposal, construction is supposed to start in 2020 and scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Until the completion of the AirTrain, you still have multiple options to get from LGA to Manhattan as well as from LaGuardia to Brooklyn.

LaGuardia AirTrain Map

LaGuardia AirTrain map
provided by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Now, where will the new LGA AirTrain take you? It will provide a 6-minute transfer to Willets Point where you can easily transfer to the subway towards Midtown Manhattan. At Willets Point, you have access to line 7 ending in Hudson Yards.

In total, the transfer from LGA to Manhattan using the AirTrain and Subway would take less than 30 minutes.

LGA AirTrain Cost

As of right now, it is unclear how much the LGA AirTrain fare will cost once in service. Currently, the cheapest transfer from LGA only costs $2.75 and includes a bus ride with a fee transfer to the subway. The AirTrain would surely be more convenient than the bus, leading me to believe that the AirTrain will be more expensive than that. AirTrain JFK, AirTrain Newark, and the AirTrain LGA are all (or will be) operated by Port Authority. JFK and EWR currently charge you $8.25 for the AirTrain.

The construction cost to build the AirTrain is estimated at $2 billion.

LaGuardia AirTrain Schedule

According to the proposal, the AirTrain LGA will run every 4 minutes between LaGuardia and Willets Point Station, offering convenient transfers. I imagine that it will run on the same schedule as the AirTrain at JFK and Newark Airport – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Stay in the Know

We will be sure to update our article as soon as there is important news about the new LGA. If you want to read more, however, head to the official website to stay in the know about developments at the LGA.

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