Kimberly Akimbo on Broadway: Tickets + Guide 2024

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Kimberly Akimbo is a unique story about a New Jersey teenager who appears to be 72 due to an aging disease. Victoria Clark, a Tony Award-winning actress, stars as Kim – an otherwise normal teen grappling with potential legal issues, difficult personalities, and family secrets while striving for happiness against all odds.

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Written by David Lindsay-Abaire, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and Jeanine Tesori, a Tony Award winner, this is the most moving and funniest play to hit Broadway in decades.

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The Story

Imagine being a teenager from New Jersey who happens to look like she’s 72 years old. That’s precisely what you get with Kimberly Akimbo. This show stars Victoria Clark, a Tony Award-winning actress, who stars as Kim. She’s just your average funny and bright teen girl from Jersey.

Or is she? Not exactly! She has an aging disease that makes her look old. Yet, that’s not even the worst of her problems. Between possible felony charges, borderline personalities, and maneuvering family secrets, Kim tries to be happy even when the universe seems to be against her.

Did You Know It?

Kimberly Akimbo has been nominated 8 times at the Tony Awards 2023 and has won 5! If you’re interested in the topic, learn all about the Tony Awards including some incredible (fun) facts and stats here!

The Cast

For the musical adaptation of Kimberly Akimbo, Lindsay-Abaire collaborated with renowned composer Jeanine Tesori, known for Fun Home and Shrek: The Musical. The pair crafted Kim’s unique, heart-wrenching tale into a humorous yet touching musical, premiering at the Atlantic Theater Company in 2021. It won various Off-Broadway awards, earning widespread praise. Like The Band’s Visit, which originated from the same theatre, Kimberly Akimbo’s Broadway run at the Booth Theatre is expected to be successful.

Where will Kimberly Akimbo be performed?

The location for the show is the Booth Theatre on Broadway (Address: 222 West 45th Street).

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