Katsu-Hama in New York City

Japanese cuisine has had a big influence on the food industry and landscape here in NYC. Japanese restaurants include Japanese BBQ, sushi restaurants and arguably the biggest one out of all them is the flavorful ramen dish. A classic dish that originally had a few variations has now blossomed into tons of many other flavors. Today, there are tons of restaurants that offer ramen in their menu in NYC and one of them is Katsu-Hama in New York City.

Japanese Comfort Food

Some of the best food, in general, are simple dishes. Katsu-Hama in NYC has two locations. One on 55th Street and one on 47th Street. Katsu-hama is known for their katsu dishes, which is a pretty versatile dish. It’s basically panko-breaded pork that’s been deep fried. The result creates a really crispy outer and a very moist piece of meat. You can either eat it by itself with white rice, you can add Japanese Curry or you can add it to a ramen dish. At Katsu-Hama in NYC, we had their chicken-katsu curry and their tonkatsu ramen with a special blend of garlic oil. We also had shishito peppers and karaage (Japanese fried chicken) for appetizers. All of the food was great and perfectly cooked. It’s definitely a great spot to get a quick fix.

Katsu-Hama 55 in Midtown Manhattan

There are two locations for Katsu-Hama. We went to the one on 55th street. You have to take a flight of stairs to reach the second floor. With Midtown Manhattan being pretty compact, the restaurant actually has a good amount of seating. There are two rooms and a bar for customers to dine in. The vibe at Katsu-Hama 55 is moody. The walls are painted black and the furniture is black as well.


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