Joe’s Pizza in NYC

The Best Pizza in West Village since 1975

What makes Joe’s Pizza one of the best in NYC?

Joe’s Pizza is owned by Joe Pozzuoli and has been for the past 38 years. He is originally from Naples, Italy and is currently succeeding at maintaining one of the most traditional pizza slice shops around the city. It’s not about the glamorous decor here, it’s about the consistency of a good slice! Joe has also expanded the business by having his son and grandson open 2 other shops in New York City in addition to their home location in the West Village!

Joe's Pizza West Village

The consistency of Joe’s Pizza is key

The best part is the consistency of the pizza tasting good! You can always count on your craving to be fulfilled here. Grab a thin, crispy slice or a whole pie and enjoy! With their lines continuously moving, the slices and pies are replenished frequently. Joe himself has taught his employees his methods of making the pizza. Some of the employees have worked with him for at least a decade! Joe says he makes the pizzas as if he is going to be eating it and to make the taste even better, Joe’s Pizza uses the freshest ingredients.

Joe’s Pizza now delivers to anywhere in the USA

Not only can you experience Joe’s Pizza in New York City, but you can have a frozen pizza shipped to you! They are still freshly made and most important of all, delicious.

Only 5 locations exist

The original shop is located in West Village on Carmine St. and the only other shops are located in the East Side, in Brooklyn, near Union Square and in Times Square. See below for full details!

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