The 28 Best Restaurants in Jersey City in 2024

Where to eat in New Jersey

When you’re visiting a new city, part of the fun is trying out the local cuisine it has to offer. And let’s be honest, we all have to eat! So most of us hit up the local restaurants in the area we’ve traveled to, but the problem is, sometimes we don’t get the mouth-watering dishes we were looking for.

Just on the brink of New York City, New York, lies Jersey City, New Jersey. As one of the hidden gems in the entire country, Jersey City has plenty to offer when it comes to diverse meals and spectacular places to eat. When I visited Jersey City, I found some great spots that I really enjoyed! So today, to ensure that you do get the tasty food you’re looking for without having to weed through various restaurants, I’m going to share some of my favorite restaurant spots in Jersey City.

These Are My 28 TOP Jersey City Restaurants

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    Japanese Restaurant in Jersey City
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    DOMODOMO Jersey City is a popular Japanese sushi bar in Jersey City that is known for its hand rolls and an array of amazing Asian cuisine. DOMODOMO is popular in New York City and has since expanded into New Jersey. 

    Choose from specialty hand rolls, hot dishes, and cold dishes. We recommend trying DOMODOMO’s hand roll course, where you can order 5 hand rolls from their list of whopping 17 options! Try out some delicious traditional Japanese sake, too, if you can!

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    Satis Bistro

    Other Restaurants in Jersey City
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    One of Jersey City’s top restaurants is Satis Bistro, a Mediterranean restaurant. Satis Bistro allows you to try a variety of food you likely haven’t gotten much exposure to from, with a comprehensive brunch and dinner menu. 

    We like the Scottish Wild Salmon option, but if you don’t like fish, you can’t go wrong with the Flat Iron Steak and Frites! If you are more of a pasta fan, the Housemade Ricotta Gnocchi is delicious.

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    Sam a.m.

    Other Restaurants in Jersey City
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    Sam a.m. is an eclectic Jersey City brunch restaurant that states its purpose as a ”celebration of good simple food.” We love Sam a.m.for their rotating daily menu, which reflects seasonal food, and allows you to be surprised each day by what is on it. 

    If you are lucky enough to go to Sam a.m. soon, we recommend trying out one of their delicious lunch sandwiches with some of their homemade berry limeade.

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    Mathews Food and Drink

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    With a focus on American food, Matthews Food and Drink is yet another tasty Jersey City restaurant. Serving up brunch, lunch, and dinner, you can find a bite to eat throughout the day at Matthews Food and Drink. Matthews is known for its great food and even better cocktails! 

    We love the Black Truffle Cacio e Pepe as a pasta option and the NY Strip as a delicious steak choice. Interested in a fun cocktail? The 80’s Glam is an amazing gin cocktail complete with edible glitter.

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    Other Restaurants in Jersey City
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    What else do you expect from a restaurant called Wurstbar? Of course, they have amazing sausages and hot dogs! You can also find great fries, poutine, burgers, and chicken sandwiches at Wurstbar, which will have your mouth watering. 

    We think that if you’re going to Wurstbar, you absolutely have to try one of their sausages or hot dogs. The Haus Dog is a classic, as is the Haus Wurst. If you’re vegan, you can also substitute for a vegan frank!

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    Hudson Hound Jersey City

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    With an affinity for American food, Hudson Hound Jersey City is one of the best of the best! There is a wide variety of classic feel-good small plates and cozy entrees open for brunch and dinner. Hudson Hound is also a great place to go to watch a football game!

    We love the Beef and Guinness special for dinner and the Full Irish Breakfast for brunch. Both of these meals show off the culinary prowess of Hudson Hound and leave you with very little room for dessert.

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    Left Bank Burger Bar

    Burger Spot in Jersey City
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    Try out Left Bank Burger Bar for some of the best burgers in Jersey City. Left Bank Burger Bar puts a lot of care and craft into their burgers, which can be seen by the amazing flavor combinations on their menu. 

    You can build your own burger at Left Bank Burger Bar with protein, cheese, freebies, toppings, premium toppings, and sauces. Or choose one of their amazing specialty choices! We recommend the Mon Cheri burger or the Hangover Cure for adventurous burger lovers.

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    Gaia & Loki

    Vegetarian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Looking for a full-service vegan restaurant in Jersey City? Look no further than Gaia & Loki. With food that will make you say, “Wait, they can make that?”. Gaia & Loki serves up soups, small plates, pasta, sandwiches, and even brunch that are all vegan and contain fresh, housemade ingredients!

    From amazing pasta like Mushroom Alfredo to a cheezy Meatball parm, you will find incredible homemade dishes that are 100% vegan. We also love the Butternut Squash Hero and the Waffles for brunch.

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    KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

    Asian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Hot pot and Korean BBQ are incredible experience meals that you can access at KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot, right here in Jersey City! With a strong connection to Korean cuisine and incredibly diverse options to add to your meal, KPOT is considered one of the best restaurants in Jersey City for a reason. 

    We love their Hot Pot, which has 7 soup bases to choose from and 21 options for meats! You may also add many different seafood options and soybean additives. Noodles and vegetables also come in a wide variety, making your Hot Pot meal fully customizable.

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    Taqueria Downtown

    Mexican Restaurant in Jersey City
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    For the best authentic Mexican food in Jersey City, you can find it easily at Taqueria Downtown in Jersey City. Taqueria Downtown started as a taco truck and now has two locations! From tacos to tamales and tortas to enchiladas, authentic and delicious Mexican food is at Taqueria Downtown.

    You can’t go wrong with ordering up some tacos, which are only $3.25 each, and come with a variety of meat options, including pork, steak, fish, sausage, lamb, and cactus! We also love their Enchiladas Rojas!

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    French Restaurant in Jersey City
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    MADAME has a menu filled with unique French cuisine. It features a charming array of dishes, all taking inspiration from classic French foods but all having a creative twist to them. One of the most raved about dishes is the lamb shank, followed closely by MADAME’s French onion soup.

    And in addition to serving food, MADAME also serves a variety of cocktails. In fact, on the weekends, the bar at MADAME’s even continues to serve drinks past the restaurant closing!

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    Prato Bakery

    Café in Jersey City
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    This Italian cafe is open into the night, but it’s a popular daytime spot due to the nature of its menu. Prato Bakery serves many Italian dishes, but baked goods and sandwiches are what it’s known for. In fact, its Focaccia Sandwiches come very highly suggested and are one of their more popular dishes.

    Another reason this spot is great for breakfast or a midday meal is because Prato Bakery is renowned for its coffee, which is great in combination with some of its baked goods. It’s the perfect way to give yourself an energy boost for the rest of your day!

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    Cellar 335

    Other Restaurants in Jersey City
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    Cellar 335 is another restaurant on this list that does more than one thing. They specialize in beverages, or more specifically cocktails, as well as their delicious menu. Among their most popular dishes are avocado fried rice, Korean style wings, and spicy cornbread.

    And an added bonus to this restaurant is its unique ambience, it has edgy and fun decorations in a basement styled setting. So between the moody setting, the great food, and the variety of drinks; you’re sure to have a great time here.

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    White Star Bar

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Another bar and restaurant combo in Jersey City is the White Star Bar. They pride themselves on serving the best wings and burgers in the area, and many people agree with that statement! In fact, their White Star burger is one of their most popular menu items.

    The White Star Bar also has a very relaxed atmosphere that matches the casual food on the menu.This restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for a laid back experience, a good burger, and a cool beer.

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    Rumba Cubana

    Other Restaurants in Jersey City
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    The setting matches the menu perfectly at Rumba Cubana, which is a Cuban restaurant decorated in a somewhat tropical theme. But aside from the great atmosphere, they have a great variety of food and drink as well.

    Like many items on this list, Rumba Cubana has a bar included. But the food is the real standout feature. They serve everything from Lanchita de Regla to Camarones al Ajillo. But one of the most popular dishes there is Ropa Vieja.

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    Liberty House Restaurant

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    This restaurant doubles as a potential event space, so you know the building is beautiful! And if you’re looking for a place to hold a party while you’re in Jersey City then this is it.

    Liberty House Restaurants serves a variety of American cuisine, specifically steaks and seafood galore! Their best dish according to many is their crab cake, but there are many fans of the other dishes as well. Including their lobster mac, filet mignon, and short ribs ravioli.

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    Pinwheel Garden Dumpling and Noodle Bar

    Asian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    For those of you looking for a healthy eating experience, this restaurant might be it. They serve Asian inspired dishes that are made with GMO, artificial, and preservative free ingredients!  And all their protein comes from free range, pasteurized, and grass fed sources.

    All of this leads to some seriously delicious food, including their coconut curry, which is one of their more popular menu items. But aside from curry, they also serve things like noodles and dumplings among other Asian inspired food. And they serve delicious tea to follow up your meal with!

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    Cafe Alyce

    Café in Jersey City
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    Cafe Alyce probably won’t be a go-to for those of you looking for dinner places, but it might be one of the best breakfast/brunch places in the city. Because, as you may have guessed, they specialize in breakfast foods.

    They serve coffee and food all morning to customers looking for their first meal of the day, and the food doesn’t disappoint. The dishes have Southern and Indian influences; and you can get everything from a breakfast burrito to biscuits and gravy. But one of their most highly recommended dishes is their poached egg aloo paratha.

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    Mamoun's Falafel in Hoboken

    Other Restaurants in Hoboken
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    Mamoun’s Falafel is a restaurant that serves a wide selection of Middle Eastern foods like shawarma, kebabs, and of course… falafels. And as you may have guessed, their falafel sandwich is one of their most popular dishes. Although their line of signature sandwiches are quite well known as well.

    In addition to the great food, the environment of the restaurant really keeps the Middle Eastern inspiration in mind. So all of it works together to give you a great, cohesive experience.

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    Italian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Battello is a sophisticated restaurant with stunning views, several separate dining rooms, and even a lounge to enjoy entertainment from! It’s one of the most classy restaurants in the area, and it’ll make you feel like a celebrity just to step foot in it.

    They serve a variety of meals, everything from brunch to dinner and dessert. And as far as the menu goes, most of the dishes are Italian-based but also seafood inspired. Some of their most popular dishes include oysters, grilled octopus, and ricotta gnocchi.

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    Krewe of McGinley Square

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Krewe of McGinley Square is a really laid back place to grab a bite to eat. The food can be served in a patio setting, so it feels almost like a picnic. And if you enjoy eating in the outdoors then you’ll really enjoy their setup.

    They serve Cajun food, which includes a lot of seafood dishes. A meal there could look something like gumbo with a few slices of cornbread and some chocolate chip cookies for dessert! Although they serve a variety of other dishes as well, with the most popular item being their jambalaya.

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    Ed and Mary's

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Ed and Mary’s is more than just a restaurant, it’s a fun place to hangout. They even host karaoke nights there! But back to the cuisine side of things, they serve lots of casual foods and beer at Ed and Mary’s. Burgers, pizza, wings, etc, are all big parts of the menu at this chilled out restaurant. They even serve sides such as mozzarella sticks.

    Plus, if you get there early then you can take advantage of their breakfast menu which includes different dishes like breakfast burritos and Ed’s egg sando.

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    Sushi by Bou

    Asian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Sushi by Bou is a great sushi spot in Jersey City; and seasoned sushi fans alongside sushi first timers alike will enjoy the dishes served there. There are two main menu options which make decision making easy; you can choose their classic 12-course menu or opt for their 17-course experience if you want to get fancy.

    Some of the sushi included is hamachi, ikura, sake, unagi, and bincho. And don’t be worried about beverages! They serve some great cocktails alongside their sushi.

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    Italian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Razza is a pizzeria in Jersey City that many people think outdo pizzerias in New York! Their pizzas are widely known, and extremely popular. And it’s no wonder why. They even bake their pizzas in a wood burning oven. Plus they serve wine, beer, and even cocktails at their bar.

    Some of the pizzas you can expect from Razza are Margherita (which is one of their most popular, Panna, Di Natale, Guancia, and of course, the classic pepperoni pizza!

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    Fire & Oak

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Fire & Oak may have one of the most diverse menus of all the restaurants on this list. And diversity is what they aimed for, wanting to provide a variety of dishes all within a restaurant that still feels casual and comfortable.

    They serve everything from burgers to sushi, and you won’t have an issue finding something you like at Fire and Oak. But some of the most highly recommended items are their short ribs, lobster mac, and penne pasta.

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    Hudson & Co.

    American Restaurant in Jersey City
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    Stationed right beside the Hudson River, with fantastic views of it and the skyline behind it, this restaurant is absolutely huge! It can seat 300 people and is around 12,000 square feet. With each inch of the place being decorated in a stylish, modern way. And the menu at Hudson and Co lives up to the aesthetic.

    Their brunch menu has items like buttermilk pancakes, garden omelets, and avocado toast. While their lunch and dinner menus feature different dishes; some of which include braised short ribs, pressed young chicken, and pan seared mediterranean sea bass. And many people are fans of their black truffle pizza!

  27. 27

    Koro Koro Rice Ball Cafe

    Asian Restaurant in Jersey City
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    As the name suggests, this restaurant serves the classic Japanese rice balls. But where they really stand out as an eatery is their variety of fillings  which give a whole new life and taste to the rice balls they serve. Miso beef, spicy salmon, and yama chicken are some of their most popular options.

    So if you’re interested in trying out a staple piece of classic Japanese cuisine then make sure to drop by the Koro Koro Rice Ball Cafe.

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    Diesel and Duke

    Burger Spot in Jersey City
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    Diesel and Duke is a hamburger joint that serves some delicious versions of this American favorite. They’re cooked only after you order them, and you’ll never find a frozen burger that’s just been warmed up at Diesel and Duke. And of course, they serve fresh fries as well!

    Some of the burger variations you can expect are the standard burger, the cheeseburger, the smokeshow burger, and even a breakfast burger (which is one of their more reviewed items!

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