The 10 Best Japanese Restaurants in New York City Right Now

Find the best sushi in New York!

Are you looking for the best sushi in New York? Then it’s like me because I love sushi – and unfortunately, I was disappointed a few times in New York, because it was not as good as I expected.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are my personal recommendations for good Japanese restaurants in New York.

You can see which sushi restaurant is near you on the map.

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My Favorite Sushi Restaurants in New York

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    Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

    Japanese Restaurant in Lower East Side
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    Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya is a Japanese-style tavern and a traditional sushi bar with a fine dining experience. This spot is all about bonding together at a fun place to drink with delicious food selections. From small plate options to family-style platters, Blue Ribbon has got you covered. The location of this Lower East Side restaurant is also beautiful and convenient if you want to jump right into the East Village. 

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