Japan Fes New York – The Ultimate Guide for 2024

Celebrate the Japanese Cuisine in New York City

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Japan Fes New York is back for 2024! One of New York’s best food festivals and one of the biggest Japanese food festivals in the world will be popping up all over New York City from March through October.

Looking to get some of the best ramen from around the world? Want to satisfy your matcha sweet tooth? Over the moon about okonomiyaki? It’s all on the menu at Japan Fes New York 2024, a seasonal event that features more than 750 vendors from all over the world. It has quickly become one of our favorite New York summer festivals, and we’re excited to dive into all the delicious details below.

What is the Japan Fes New York?

First launched in 2016, Japan Fes New York is an annual festival celebrating Japanese cuisine. The event attracts about 250,000 people each year, and this year’s version will feature 20 events spread throughout the summer and throughout New York.

Visitors can expect a wide range of Japanese treats and delicacies, including handmade ramen, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, karaage, takoyaki, and more. Vendors include NYC locals and international favorites from San Francisco, the Netherlands, LA – and more than 25 vendors straight from Japan!

Feeling full already? Don’t worry! The event is more than just great food. Japan Fes will also feature boutiques and pop-ups with traditional Japanese clothing, art, and other goodies. There are also live performances that are sure to be a feast for the eyes (while you’re considering the other kinds of feasts you’re going to have!).

One more thing – you should definitely stop by Japan Fes more than once! Not only will that give you a chance to indulge in even more delicious foods, but Japan Fes is introducing a stamp card this year. You’ll get a stamp per visit, and after you collect five, you’ll get some great Japan Fes merchandise.

Where to celebrate Japan Fes New York?

Unlike other New York summer festivals that last just for a weekend or a week, Japan Fes New York kicks off in March and lasts through the end of October. It’s also spread throughout the city, with locations ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan over to Park Slope in Brooklyn.

Check out the full list of dates and locations for where Japan Fes New York took place below:

Japan Fes New York – March 2024

Japan Fes New York – April 2024

  • April 6 – East Village
  • April 13 – Upper West Side
  • April 20 – Chelsea
  • April 27 – Chelsea
  • April 28 – Astoria

Japan Fes New York – May 2024

Japan Fes New York – June 2024

  • June 8 – Midtown West
  • June 15 – NOHO
  • June 16 – Park Slope
  • June 29 – Garment District
  • June 30 – Astoria

Japan Fes New York – July 2024

  • July 7 – Midtown East
  • July 13 – Chelsea
  • July 21 – Midtown West
  • July 27 – East Village

Japan Fes New York – August 2024

  • August 10 – Upper East Side
  • August 18 – Upper West Side
  • August 24 – East Village
  • August 25 – Park Slope

Japan Fes New York – September 2024

  • September 7 – Upper East Side
  • September 14 – Konamon Contest @ Chelsea
  • September 15 – Konamon Contest @ Upper West Side
  • September 28 – Upper West Side

Japan Fes New York – October 2024

  • October 5 – Ramen Contest @ Park Slope
  • October 6 – Ramen Contest @ Chelsea
  • October 13 – Upper West Side
  • October 27 – Upper West Side

Japan Fes New York – November 2024

  • November 9 – East Village

One last tip before you pack your chopsticks and get ready for a delicious day – keep an eye on the Japan Fes New York Instagram for last-minute updates about the events!

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